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Just another NP++ syntax highlighter.

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Just another NP++ syntax highlighter


It's pretty handy to write scripts in NP++ with. And the old version I was using was terribly out of date, so I added all the current script functions I'm aware of.

- Separate style for script blocks, if-conditions and loops - all foldable. Elseif & else parts of a condition can be folded separately.
- Separate style for command-style functions (let, set, to, return, label, GoTo, continue etc)
- Separate style for NVSE functions (up to 5.1.2)
- Separate style for Lutana functions (up to 19), still keeping this separate for the time being
- Separate style for JIP functions (up to 55.10)
- Combined style for MCM, Project Nevada, NX and JohnnyGuitar functions (up to 2.35).
- Combined style for var declarations, globals (vanilla), AV function string parameters (vanilla), and unquoted string parameters to ar_construct.

How To Install:
- open notepad++
- Pick "language" in the menu, then "define your language"
- "import", then find the .xml file uploaded here, and... import it
This highlighter will attach itself to the .geck file extension. You can change that if you want, same as anything else.
In Notepad++, the syntax is called "DSGeckSyntax11" because I'm so vain I think this song is about me.
It's made with Notepad++ (whatever version I'm using now), which uses UDL 2.1. If you've got an older UDL version, you probably want to upgrade.
Public Domain