About this mod

A brand new worldspace to play in, lots of new quests and adventures to go on, and even a new companion. All voiced, even.

Permissions and credits
Don't play this version, go download the remastered version right here. It's better. Trust me.

Version 2.5 Changes!
  • Minor aesthetic changes.
  • Optional file that adds a button to Vicky's bar that will forcibly start his and Brandt's extra quests, in the event that you happen to be one of the handful of people experiencing that bug.
  • Couple AI tweaks that personally bothered me, and probably went unnoticed by everyone else in the universe.

Version 2.0 Changes!
  • Todd is now exactly as inept with firearms as he says he is.
  • There are many more trees in the North.
  • The lake outside Madsen is no longer devoid of... anything.
  • Todd will no longer crouch behind the player and refuse to participate in long-ranged fights.
  • Todd will now teleport to his home/the Lucky 38, just like vanilla companions! And, when he's there, he'll sandbox now.
  • Letting the child serial-rapist escape punishment will now result in evil karma.
  • All the raiders in the area now have evil karma. Not sure how that one slipped by me.
  • The ridiculous and non-sequitur easter egg in the frozen basement will only happen with Wild Wasteland, now.
  • Both frozen basements have had their interiors altered so as to not just be generic clones of vanilla interiors.
  • Todd will no longer make the same two pithy comments every single fucking time you kill someone near him.
  • The three empty spots in May's shelves have been filled. Also, the glass on said shelf has been changed so as to not bulge outwards like it used to.
  • The Trophy Hunter's Shotgun will no longer appear until after May's quest has been started. 
  • 75 or more lockpicking is no longer required for May's quest. The hard-locked door in the musty basement now has a key hidden nearby.
  • Hobos should no longer wander into your private suite in Madsen.
  • The slavers now actually participate in the slave trade. You can disrupt that nonsense for some good karma.
  • Caleb's stats are more reasonable.
  • An overabundance of set decoration!
  • Shit that I forgot!


The North Road is a a fairly open-ended quest/worldspace mod. It features a buttload of new content, stories, NPCs, weapons, quests, and locations to explore. You can meet your new companion in a new building in Westside (which you may want to do first), the North Road proper can be started by speaking with Brandt at Ranger Station Bravo, and there's even some unmarked shenanigans somewhere in Jacobstown. (Brandt and Jon both have multiple quests that the player can get by repeatedly talking to them after completing the original quests they give you.)


Lots of new weapons, plenty of cash, and a snazzy hat.


Requires all the DLC. It (probably) won't even load if you don't have the DLC. While not a requirement, I encourage users to play this mod with leveled-list type weapon packs, just to make your trek through the valley that much more interesting. Also, I recommend you play my previous mod, The Initiation, as there are quite a few callbacks to that story in this one. Also, the main quest cannot be started if the NCR hates you so much that they'll shoot you on sight.


It's hard! I can't advise starting it if you're under level 35 or so.


It shouldn't conflict with the Inheritance. Why do I mention this? Because it did for a while, and I think I fixed that. The retextures from Obscurum Pandemic won't play nice with several of the things I've built in this worldspace, so you may want to turn that off. Or not. Up to you. As far as bugs go... sometimes the AI pathfinding gets a little weird in places. I don't know why. Also, when you re-enter the bar after having left, for some reason half the NPCs are in the back for no reason. I don't get it.

It's been reported by a handful of people that neither Brandt nor Jon are giving their secondary quests. Presumably, there's some incompatibility with something that's interfering, because most people (myself included) don't experience this bug. If you do experience it, I added an optional file that puts a big workaround button into Jon's bar. Problem solved. Sort of.

Voice Credits!

  • Adam Burke - Edlolington
  • Bob Early - Me (Temporarily)
  • Brandon Welles - TheDemonJackal
  • Caleb Alquist - Gutcake
  • Colette - Ghostflowers-x
  • Colin Luke - Edlolington
  • Corporal Ross - Me
  • Courier - TheDarkPR101
  • Del Toro - Me (Temporarily)
  • Dooley - Me, while less than sober
  • Drunk Mercenary - Me, while entirely sober
  • Felix - Dezima
  • Hader - Kattenkut
  • Harris - LiquidPixie
  • Irene - Ghostflowers-x
  • Jon Vicky - Me
  • Lieutenant Brandt - Me
  • Matheson - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
  • May Ito - Ghostflowers-x
  • Petey - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
  • Steve Forsier - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
  • Todd - Gatorfolk

Also thanks to Madmongo for the assistance with the world map, and Jokerine for suffering my deluge of tech-inept scripting questions. Big thanks to Tgspy for getting the LOD stuff working, completely of his own volition. 


"Hey, you said Brandt and Jon give me more quests if I talk to them again!"
Yeah, after you finish the first quest they give you.

"Todd won't attack enemies sometimes! He just crouches in a random spot and does nothing!"
He... he's special like that. Veronica does that too, sometimes. Companion AI is weird.

"What the hell is up with Dooley?"
Dooley's character was so infinitesimally small that I forgot to even put him on my casting sheet. When I realized this, I decided there'd be no harm to just voicing him myself. Then improvised a bunch of complete nonsense while under the influence, and then I went to bed. You're welcome!

"I just did the unmarked stuff in Jacobstown, and I hate you. I am going to murder you."

Tell me what the typo is, and I'll fix it. Unless it's in anything written by raiders, because they're not educated.

"Are there any... secrets in this mod?"
Yes, but it'd spoil the fun if I told you what/where they are. I already gave everyone a vague hint about the Jacobstown one, after all. Most of them can just be found by going off the beaten path in the north.

"Hey, Brandt isn't giving me the second quest, even though I definitely finished the first one he gave me!"
Are you sure you didn't fail the first quest he gave you? Because he isn't inclined to give out more work if you botched up the first thing he asked you to do.

"Could you tone down the profanity, please?"
Twenty-odd years of communication tells me that no, no I'm entirely unable to tone down my penchant for naughty-language. 

"How do I get into that locked gate with the mercenaries around it?"
Talk to a dude you meet later in the mod. You can't get in there right away.

"Why are these enemies so hard?!"
Because the game stops being a challenge once you're level 30+ or so. I'd rather give a late-game player something that actually requires effort on their part, instead of just another shooting gallery with piss-weak enemies plinking at you with .357 revolvers. If you're utterly unable to survive no matter what, you have my express permission to open it in the GECK and re-stat the enemies. (You just aren't allowed to reupload it here if you do that.)

"How do I get into that locked tunnel to the west of the town?"
Just keep going through the main quests, and it'll unlock eventually. I don't really like searching for hidden keys, and I don't include things I dislike into my mods.

"Seriously, it requires all the DLC?"
It seriously does, and attempts to make it so it doesn't require them all broke several quests. Sorry if you don't own all the DLC to play this, but it just isn't going to happen.

"Why is Dooley essential? My immersion is literally shaking right now, you guys!"
Because he kept getting killed like an idiot, and I refuse to get rid of the raiders that attack the town in the first place.