Fallout New Vegas

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Make your own wasteland!

Permissions and credits

Community Wasteland Project is a resource for all modders to come together and make their own world! In the preliminary work for Obscurum III I decided to make this framework that safely removes all NPCs, Creatures and scripted triggers from the game and its DLCs. Creating a blank canvas for anyone interested in making content. It also has a new alternative start script so the resource is fully playable as is. It's just a tad empty. Although there is a lot of fun in walking around in an empty wasteland being the last person alive.

The idea is to be able to do anything with this, just load the .esm in the GECK and add a shop, populate a settlement, make a raider gang, and then upload it for people to enjoy in the wasteland that belongs to the community! Let your creativity flow!


Q: So how does it work?

A: It adds a new .esm file, like the ones you find in DLC files. This allows people to load up the esm, or master file, in the GECK, and create new content. Modding CWP much like one might mod the base game. Allowing for hundreds of compatible modules and plugins to be made idependently and eventually build a wasteland entirely created by modders.

Q: Won't there be compatibility issues?

A: No different from regular modding in that aspect. If two mods edit the same aspect of the wasteland or gameplay, then yes. But there's so much room for everyone to create, and patches can still be made just like with vanilla modding.

Q: So anyone can just start modding with this?

A: Absolutely! Whole idea behind this is to make a framework for new and experienced modders alike. You can use this to learn just as much as you can use it to mod more ambitious projects. No mod is too big or too small for CWP.

Q: Can you give some examples of what we can do with this?

A: Literally anything! Think Garry's Mod. You got an empty game ready to be filled. You could script things and convert the game to a whole new game! I will try to make a cool example addon in the days to come. But you can make a zombie survival gamemode, or a sci-fi gamemode, or a roleplaying gamemode. You could make anything you like. Or you can just add some new content into one of the game's many new areas for a more freeform sandbox experience.

Q: So how do I start modding this?

A: Just load the master file and start modding like you would regular New Vegas. It is recommended to not delete any vanilla NPCs, though. There is scripting to safely remove them without crashes. Instead, just drag them out of the way if they get in the way when you edit a cell. I typically drag them using CTRL-Z so they sink through the world geometry and become hidden.

Q: So are there any rules to follow?

A: None what so ever! This mod is as much yours as it is mine. Although I recommend putting CWP somewhere in the title of your plugin or module so that people have an easier time finding content.