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Christmas radio station with 100 lore-friendly songs.

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Christmas radio station with 100 lore-friendly songs.  Plays a minimum of 25 songs before repeating one.  Includes proper .ogg files to have songs play on non-Pip-Boy radios and jukeboxes within the game world, but at the moment I haven't tuned any to this station.

I made this to complement my 250-song Radio New Vegas 'overhaul', so's to allow both to be used at the same time.  Plus, Mr New Vegas did say he wanted to release an album called Nuclear Winter Wonderland.

Installation via a mod manager is simple and standard.  For manual installation, extract the files and drop the Data folder into the Fallout New Vegas folder, as with other manual installations of other mods.
If you are upgrading from version 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 to version 1.3, be sure to make a save without the .esp enabled, and then enable the new .esp and start playing.

No requirements.  No conflicts.  Does not modify or replace any existing files.  Only adds new ones.

There once was a bug.  I believe it is now fixed.  I've tested the station for many cycles through all the playlists (no 'true randomisation' scripts worked without allowing repeated tracks, so it cycles through 25 playlists and chooses randomly one of the four songs on each playlist before moving on to the next one).  Do inform me of any problems you find, if you would.

Anyway, some history, if you shiv a git:
There used to be a bug (in version 1.0) wherein the station would stop playing after about fifteen songs (sometimes more, sometimes less), which seemed fixed in version 1.1, at least according to my testing, which consisted of playing the game and writing down every song that played until it had played over fifty of them and hadn't repeated any.  So I uploaded the new file, and almost immediately I encountered the bug again.  I have tried maybe six different scripting approaches to randomise the songs and have consistently run into this problem, but typically round fifteen songs into playing, so I thought I'd sorted it out once it had cycled through all fifty and begun the script again.  My newest version uses no script, and rather favours Doros the Conquerer's playlist approach.  It's not as thorough but if it works, that's better than the results I was getting before.


Last update for now will be if I find enough material to add a few radio announcer tracks and some commercials that can be used in a way that sounds like a cohesive station.  It mayn't work out, so no promises.  Next step, should I choose to do it (if not now, maybe next year), is to have this station play from speakers throughout the game world, most especially the Strip.