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Yet another mod buffing up this little monster, but different!

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Euclid's C-Finder NVSE Upgrade


You all know the thing, and you all know how underwhelming the damage from the ARCHIMEDES II orbital strike system actually is. There are a plethora of mods addressing the issue, but none of them go to the lengths I wanted.

While you may not have noticed, the truth is that the orbital strike called by Euclid's C-Finder is not linked to the weapon or to you as the one responsible for the damage... this probably makes sense since you're just the one calling it, not causing it. But by linking it to the player, the game's own engine instructions for crime and assault responsibilities can be triggered naturally without the need for the 'fake' method used in vanilla, which makes those hit by the strike start combat with you, and thus be technically the initiators of hostilities.
This mod links the orbital strike of ARCHIMEDES to the player using the same method I used in my Two-Step Goodbye NVSE upgrade mod. Here however, the weapon causing the explosion is Euclid's C-Finder itself, an Energy Weapon and as such subject to Energy Weapon skill and perks. Explosives perks such as Splash Damage will not affect it. Also, it now uses Energy Resistance as resist value, and thus that's the resistance that the orbital strike's damage will use. Since it has a crit chance multiplier of 50, you'll find that targets killed by it will end up as dust piles more often than not!

I've built upon the script fixes by Nekhanimal, adding a few new features. Your ARCHIMEDES charges will not be consumed if the strike fails for whatever reason: firing in an interior, losing the pointer in the distance, or aborting the strike by pressing the Reload control. You can also customize the amount of strikes you can call in a day, by altering the global value EuclidDailyStrikes. By default, I've upped them to two, for twice the fun!

The script for the 'That Lucky Old Sun' quest was much optimized in the meanwhile. This mod is compatible with Legion Quests Expanded, PROVIDED you load this mod after it! All that was needed was adding a variable at the right offset. ARCHIMEDES will recharge every day after 15:00 as per Nekhanimal changes. Finally, if the legion hadn't taken over the plant before you install this mod, when they do, Fantastic will be turned into a proper legionary with the faction allegiances that come with it. The Legion demands and exacts full compromise, so he will be one more in their ranks in looks and allegiance. You can also find a Big Book of Science in Ignacio's corpse after the takeover.

The weapon itself, Euclid's C-Finder, has had its parameters changed so it feels less like a modified flamethrower. It now has a much more manageable weight of 2 lbs, should not alert enemies when you fire it, and has parameters more akin to a laser pistol.

And finally, I've taken the liberty of altering the damage parameters of the orbital strike itself, like so many other mods do. The orbital strike's explosion radius and other parameters are unchanged except for the BASE damage, which I've upped by x10, from 150 to 1500, before adjustments due to skills, perks, resistances, distance to the blast, difficulty...
The burning secondary effect it causes to targets that survive has been upped from 6 to a whooping 24 dmg over 15 seconds, affected by Fire Resistance as usual. With the Spray and Pray perk, if your poor companions happen to get caught in the blast, they'll 'only' suffer the vanilla 6dmg/sec. Overall... don't use it in close quarters.

To install/uninstall, activatedeactivate the file 'EuclidCFPlus.esp' in your load order. Load after Legion Quests Expanded if you use that mod. Best to load after mods that change any of the following: EuclidTargetSCRIPT (the explosion is linked to the player here), EuclidsCFinderSCRIPT, VEuclidQuestSCRIPT & VMS03QuestSCRIPT.