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Very simple mod, makes Radio New Vegas available not just anywhere in the Mojave but anywhere in the game.

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I live in a DLC.  I have made a radio mod (which you can download here).  I do not want Radio New Vegas to turn off when I go home.  It now will not do that.

2020 Update:

Updated to support Music Pack for Radio New Vegas v2.15+.

Technical Details:
In the original version of this mod, it stopped RNV being disabled by setting the player as the EnableParent of RNVTARef (Radio New Vegas's 'source' in the game world).  Since v2.0 of MusicPackRNV, some features are enacted by disabling the radio for a second, which is impossible to do with the player character, so I've set a new object, RNVEParentRef, to be the EnableParent of RNVTARef.  Now you can disable RNVTARef only by disabling RNVEParentRef (which if you're a modder is very easy to do by storing it in a ref variable after using GetParentRef on RNVTARef).