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Adds 250 tracks to Radio New Vegas, using Jarol's Extended New Vegas Radio Generator mod.
All songs normalised.
All play on Wasteland radios.
Nearly every song the game references.
Lore-friendly (purists may disagree on a few from the '60s or '30s but 'no not much').

Permissions and credits
Music Pack for Radio New Vegas, ver. 1.3.

This is my first 'mod', if you want to call it that.  I did work long and hard on it so there's that.  Anyway:

Adds 250 tracks to Radio New Vegas, using Jarol's Extended New Vegas Radio Generator mod (you don't need to download his mod to use this).
All tracks normalised.
All tracks play on Wasteland radios.
Nearly every song that is referenced in the game.
Lore-friendly (a couple of songs may be too early for purists, though some of the ones referenced in quest titles were very old so I didn't mind).
Mr New Vegas will keep giving you news, which is one of my favourite things about this.

Note that a fair few of these are from the R.A.C.E. mod and its optional extensions.  Maybe fifty of them.

I'm sure these sound files can be used with other radio mods but I haven't done it with any thing but Jarol's Extended New Vegas Radio Generator mod, so my manual installation instructions are specifically for that mod.  Additionally, if used with R.A.C.E., a large number of the songs will already be there, so there will be doubles.

1.3a -- Main File -- Adds 29 new songs, fixes some files already in Version 1.2 of the mod, and corrects the volume on the Wasteland radios to be loud enough to be heard.  It makes the songs that shipped with the game louder to match the volume of the new songs (which are louder so as to make them closer in volume to Mr New Vegas's announcements), which accounts for the gigantic file size.
1.3b -- Same as 1.3a but does not include any of the vanilla files to overwrite the ones installed, and thus, does not modify the volume on any of these songs.
1.3c -- Upgrade Pack -- Upgrades a 1.2 installation to make it the same as if you had installed Version 1.3a.
1.3d -- Upgrade Pack -- Upgrades a 1.2 installation to make it the same as if you had installed Version 1.3b.

Simply makes it work with a mod manager, and downloading Jarol's mod is now no longer required.
Now that I've updated this to work with a mod manager, the included .esp (generated using Jarol's mod) modifies Radio New Vegas in a few ways:
Adds my music pack, obviously.
Adds all the music from Mojave Radio (five country-western songs that were not on Radio New Vegas).
Makes all in-game radios tune to Radio New Vegas (as opposed to Mojave Radio).
Adds the blues tracks from Gomorrah to Radio New Vegas.
Changes the programming so that Mr New Vegas makes announcements every 20 songs (as opposed to the game's default setting of 3).

When installing, if you'd like more control over the modifications to Radio New Vegas, follow the instructions for a manual download of my mod, which does involve downloading Jarol's.  When you run his Extended NVR Generator.exe file, you'll get to make all these choices.

With Manager:
Just click the 'Download with Manager' button, and enable the .esp once it's done (may take a while to download).  If you've previously downloaded this mod, simply overwrite everything.
The one thing I would recommend is perhaps back up your Fallout New Vegas\Data\Sound\songs\radionv folder because ver. 1.3a and 1.3c will overwrite the tracks in that folder with slightly louder files.  It's a good practise to have a back-up of your original installation anyway, but in case you don't, know that this mod will overwrite the radionv files.
You can choose not to overwrite the files in the radionv folder and it will work fine, but it won't change the volume of the vanilla game's songs if you don't, obviously.  Ver. 1.3b and 1.3d simply omit the vanilla files and you can overwrite everything when prompted, as it would only touch my mod's files.

Manual install for greater control over modifications to Radio New Vegas:
1.  Download the newest version of this mod manually.  Make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs as per the descriptions, as some versions will overwrite vanilla files with slightly louder ones in order to make the songs closer in volume to Mr New Vegas's announcements.
2.  Download Jarol's mod here.
3.  As per the instructions in that mod, simply drop his Extended NVR Generator.exe file in your Fallout New Vegas folder (not in the Data folder), and then drop his mod's Data folder in there as well, which should add the folders needed for my pack to install correctly.
4.  Now you should have a folder with a path like this:  Fallout New Vegas\Data\Sound\songs\radionvextend.
5.  Open my mod's .rar file and drop the Data folder into the Fallout New Vegas folder.
6.  In case you don't see it coming up, the number of tracks you'll be entering is 250 for any form of version 1.3.

5) Generate your Extended RNV Mod!

Run the "Extended RNV Generator" program at the base folder of FONV. Input the number of songs you want (exact number of songs generated from
above) [PUT 250 FOR THIS STEP] and set whether you will be using the original Fallout 3 GNR music. Press "Generate!" and wait for the task to finish.

This program automatically will add your generated mod to the Data folder of Fallout NV given you have followed everything properly.
[For more info on this program, check the "Extended RNV Generator Options" Section]

-NOTE- You are not limited by one run! You can keep running the program to replace the mod file with a new one everytime you add more songs.

6) Enable the mod and play the game!
You are now done! Use the FONV Mod Manager or just the built in (now actually functional) Data Files utility on FONV's Launcher.

Remember! if you were using any other Radio New Vegas mod, please disable it first. This mod completely rewrites much of NVR's scripting and original song listings.

Manual install of latest version, no control over modifications to Radio New Vegas:
Download latest version.  Drop Data folder into Fallout New Vegas folder.  Overwrite everything.
The one thing I would recommend if using Version 1.3a or 1.3c is perhaps back up your Fallout New Vegas\Data\Sound\songs\radionv folder because this will overwrite the tracks in that folder with slightly louder files.  It's a good practise to have a back-up of your original installation anyway, but in case you don't, know that Version 1.3a or 1.3c of this mod will overwrite the radionv files.

A Word on Lore-Friendliness:
I would call this music pack lore-friendly because it overall does fit right in with the rest of the music that's in the vanilla game, and with the fifty or so songs that are referenced in the game, between quest titles and dialogue and such (especially the King).  Mr Sandman is not included despite being a perk name, because I just don't like that song anymore, after having it on another mod and hearing it ten times a day.  These pieces are from eras as late as the 1960s, but some are as early as the 1920s.  Aba Daba Honeymoon is another that I didn't include because it annoyed me, but that one's from 1915.  This is all to say that though Fallout is often said to be more 1950s-orientated, given the large number of songs referenced in this game that are from much earlier periods and are now included in this pack, the many songs I've added from the 1920s and 1930s shouldn't feel too out of place, but be aware that they're there, if that bothers you.  That said, there are a few pieces of music on here that are from the 1960s, though I tried to put far fewer of those, despite a fair few of the songs in the Fallout series, and many of the ones referenced in New Vegas, being from the early side of the '60s.  None the less, I would say the majority of the songs by a large margin, are either from the '40s or '50s, or are by artists already featured in the game.
Update:  As of Version 1.3 I've decided to include at least some version of any songs referenced, unless they're extremely incongruous.  So, I do in fact have a version of Mr Sandman on here now, and Aba Daba Honeymoon, as well as several others I'd missed, and I'm not including 'Why Can't We Be Friends' and other stuff from the '70s or '90s, in the rare instances that that's what was being referenced (unless I find suitably retro covers of them, which is possible).  There are still some references that need to be added, more than I'd realised (though the vast majority of them are here now), and the goal is to have them in the Version 1.4 update.

A slightly odd choice perhaps, I did include some stuff that's (pre-)1950s-styled covers of newer songs.  There are four of these.  I think they fit very well or I'd have left them off, even the sound of the recordings (which I've slightly edited to fit better).

Further justification:  Now, another thing I think is interesting is that there seems to have been no new music recorded after the '60s, all the way to 2077, according to the evidence in the Fallout games.  I doubt that was the intention, so a few slightly aberrant tunes wouldn't be so terrible.  See, the games are set in a future inspired by the 1950s ideas of the future and sci-fi films, and I doubt they ever thought back then that people would just stop making music.  And last point in my defence of including older stuff, didn't old people in the '50s listen to music older than the '50s, because that's what they liked?  Yes, they did.

Prominent artists include The Ink Spots (whose Maybe in Fallout 1, which is here, started this, and whose I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire in Fallout 3 seemed to popularise the '50s radio idea), Louis Armstrong (Kiss to Build a Dream On from Fallout 2 is here), Frank Sinatra, The Platters, and Billie Holiday.

P.S.  Forgot to mention, I actually wrote one of the instrumentals on here.  Called I Done It and I Don't Care.  Not that you'd be able to pick it out by the lyrics that don't exist.  I'm trying to record the vocals on a 1950s-style love song I wrote for my girlfriend but I'm not the singer I used to be.  The music for it sounds great, though, so I hope I can get it done.  If I do, that'll be added at some point.


Owing to the large number of tracks, the game may skip a bit when going through doors.  I haven't had any other problems.

This mod is based on Jarol's mod, and as per his mod description, any thing that modifies Radio New Vegas is probably incompatible.  That should be it, unless you count R.A.C.E. for having a lot of the same songs.  Radio Free Wasteland has a few of the same ones as well (though I didn't use the same files that come with that mod).

Future Updates:
Expect a version of this mod later on that adds 50 more songs, totalling 300 songs.  I'm half-finished with it but I want to make sure I don't miss any songs referenced in the game, so it's taking a while to make certain.  I'm even trying to find retro versions of some of the tunes that don't fit.

I was working on a set of lore-friendly Christmas tunes for this but I made them into their own mod here.  It's called Nuclear Winter Wonderland and has 100 songs.