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300 lore-friendly, normalised tracks for Radio NV, nearly all those referenced in-game, and one (1) bajillion customisable features.
Feature creep done right. You want this.

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2020 UPDATE:
It's time. Version 2.0 is here. Everything is better now. If you've been here for a while, you know that this mod adds music to Radio New Vegas. That's its main function. It adds hundreds of lore-friendly songs as well as many of the songs that are already in the game that you don't normally hear very often, including the handful that are on Mojave Music Radio but not on Radio New Vegas.

But on this day, everything changes. These are the new features available in this version. They are all togglable and customisable. Check INI for further details.
  • Each song can individually be blocked or allowed to play
  • Turn on and off entire song categories or song ranges
  • Print corner messages containing song/performer name (when song starts and/or hotkey is pressed)
  • Choose whether message includes track number
  • Choose how long corner message is displayed
  • Edit song and performer names in INI file (useful if you want to replace songs or I maked the typing boo-boo)
  • Choose number of songs between Mr New Vegas announcements
  • Choose number of songs before you can hear one repeated
  • Turn off Mr New Vegas entirely
  • Set one volume level for the vanilla song group, one for the mod-added song group, and one for the player-added song group
  • Yes, there is room for the player to add 20 songs without replacing any
  • Tune all Mojave Music radios to Radio New Vegas via INI setting
  • Tune any radios you want to Radio New Vegas via a text file
  • Hotkey to force-update radio to reflect INI settings
  • Hotkey to skip tracks
  • Hotkey to bring up Song Select Menu
  • Song select Menu can be used to play specific song and/or turn on Repeat
  • Some new Mr New Vegas introductions for specific songs in the playlist
  • Talent Scout quest songs now unlock as Radio New Vegas songs upon completion of the quest
  • Many bug fixes, including some with the vanilla version of RNV
  • All songs have their start and end silence periods uniformalised (thanks, Asterra!)
  • Old radio effect now added to mono files (credit to Asterra again)

Check INI for further details.

Some song orders have been changed.
One song has been removed from rotation but can easily be added back as it is still there, labelled 247OLD.
It no longer overwrites vanilla song files to change volume.
There are no longer multiple versions to choose from.
In older versions, some songs played very loud if you found a radio playing them in the world.  This is fixed now.

Installation is standard:  Use mod manager (recommended) or unpack into Data folder. Install required files.

Important:  If you are not starting a new game and you have any older versions of this mod (from before 2.1), make a clean save.  That is, load your game without this mod active, make a save without this mod active, and then activate Version 2.18.

However, if you already have Version 2.1 or newer, updating to 2.18 does not appear to require a clean save, as no new variables have been added.

Recommended that you uninstall anything older than Version 2.0.  When making a clean save, you can just disable the ESP if it's Version 2.0 or later.

Keep this mod loaded after anything that modifies Radio New Vegas (assuming it's compatible).  All known vanilla bugs are fixed in this mod.  If I've missed a bug fix, let me know and I'll include it in an update.

Version 2.16
adds option to include track number any time song name/artist is printed in a corner message.
The INI setting for this is:

If updating and you want to use this feature, add bPrintTrackNum=1 to a nice, neat spot in [General] in the INI (such as after iPrintMsg), or just run the game.  If you run the game and the setting does not exist, it will be added to the end of the [General] section (and set to 0), which doesn't look nice but is functional.  You can move it to any spot you like in the [General] section, and if you wish to use it, set it to 1.

Also Important:  There are times when this mod will need to disable the radio briefly to respond to certain features.  If you are using a mod that causes Radio New Vegas to have an EnableParent, this is accounted for (as of v2.15), unless that EnableParent is the player, in which case you'll see a message about it.  There is an INI setting you can add to [General], called bIgnoreParent, and set it to 1, if you don't want the EnableParent to be touched at all by this mod.  This is almost definitely never going to be needed, even with such mods, which is why it is not included in the INI by default.

Radio New Vegas Everywhere has been updated to work with v2.15+ of this mod.

Recommended Mods:
xNVSE - Required for this mod to work.
JIP LN - Also required.
Stewie's Tweaks or Dynamic Radio Volume - Lower radio during dialogue. Stewie's is cleaner, DRV offers a little more control.
Stewie's Tweaks - Improves console, making it easier to tune radios to Radio New Vegas.
Johnny Guitar - Not required but improves console print when tuning radios to Radio New Vegas.
NVTF - Helps a lot with performance, reducing audio stutters when going through doors or opening/closing certain menus.
NV Heap Replacer - Helps a lot with performance, reducing audio stutters when going through doors or opening/closing certain menus.

A Word on Lore-Friendliness:
For the most part I don't think there will be any argument that a given song on here is lore-friendly, but there are some songs that may appear to be questionable choices. The music ranges from the 1920s to the 1960s, with a focus on the '40s and '50s, and some newer pieces in the style of these older pieces. In most cases, these questionable songs were chosen because they are of the same style or era as a song that was referenced by this game or was included in a Fallout game. Aba Daba Honeymoon for example is from 1915, though I generally didn't put anything quite that old.

Other songs referenced are from periods so late that I couldn't add them without finding retro-style covers (or doing them myself in some cases), but that does raise the interesting question of what exactly happened to music after the mid-20th century in the Fallout universe. It seems unlikely that music stopped being recorded, so in keeping with the style of the New Vegas and Fallout 3 radios, I presumed people maintained a mid-century taste in music in this universe, or it was seeing a massive resurgence, or perhaps it was a US government campaign to promote a return to the 'good old days'? Whatever the case, I assumed a rationale for it and added a few newer tracks that sound old. In some cases, these are original works, and in other cases, they are retro-styled arrangements of newer pop songs. Fortunately, in version 2.0, any of these songs that you don't like, you can turn off in the INI file, simple as that.

Customisable via INI.
iPrintKey - Right-Alt
iAuxKey - Right-Shift
iSkipKey - Right-Ctrl
iSelectKey - Enter/Return

    TAP to print corner message with information about currently playing song.

    HOLD to Force-Update, integrating any INI changes into game.  Radio session starts from scratch with announcements and confirmation message.  Must be done during gameplay, not in a menu.

    HOLD with iPrintKey to Force-Update, but skip the announcements portion for that set of songs.

    HOLD when unpausing to check for changes to MusicPackRNVConversions.txt for radios to tune to Radio New Vegas. Check MusicPackRNV Radio Tuning Guide.txt for further details.

    HOLD with iPrintKey to skip to the next track.  Includes confirmation corner message.

    HOLD with iPrintKey to open Song Select Menu.  From there you can type in a track number to play, or set a song to repeat.

A note on MusicPackRNVConversions.txt.  It comes with most of the casinos' radios already in there, so if you set bConversions to 1 in MusicPackRNV.ini and don't do anything else, those will all be retuned for you with no extra effort at all.

Adding Songs:
Tracks 301 to 320 in the [Mod] category in MusicPackRNV.ini are blank entries that the mod will attempt to play if you turn them on in the INI. These have already been set up in GECK so that all you need to do is to adjust your INI accordingly and add your song files to the folder with the other songs added by this mod:

Each song needs an MP3 file to play on the Pip-Boy radio, and an OGG file to play on world radios. They must be named the same, BUT the OGG file must have _mono appended to its name. For example, if you want to add a custom song for track 301, the MP3 must be named 301.mp3, and the OGG must be named 301_mono.ogg.

Formatting I used for MP3s:
44.1 kHz sample rate
128 kbps CBR bitrate
Remove all metadata

Formatting I used for OGGs:
44.1 kHz sample rate
66 kbps CBR bitrate

The engine is picky about what formatting will work, though you can adjust the bitrate or sample rate somewhat, so you can experiment if you want.  Bitrate should still be CBR, though.

Note:  Mr New Vegas should do announcements by default but there was a time when my test INI was included with the download and some values were wrong.  Check stickied post for details.

Just a disclaimer, many many hours and days have been devoted to stamping out all bugs and testing the radio for confirmation, so these solutions are probably not going to be needed, but are things you can try in the event something should go wrong.

When this mod is loaded, it prints a message to the console (Music Pack RNV initialised). If that message is not in the console, something is not installed correctly.
Make sure you have the required files. This mod will not work without up-to-date xNVSE and JIP LN (JIP LN now requires xNVSE 6.05+).
If using MO2 or any VFS-based mod manager, check the Overwrite folder and game folder for old versions of required files.
Make sure you've read the installation instructions. Mid-save installs and mods that give Radio New Vegas an EnableParent could cause problems, but there are measures in place to mitigate them as long as you know what to do.
Using a mod manager (especially MO2) is recommended. It reduces the chances of manual mistakes.

Consider checking for conflicts in xEdit.
Confirm that mods which modify Radio New Vegas are loaded first (higher in load order) if they are compatible.
Some mods may cause problems by not advertising their modifications to RNV.  NVEC Complete + NVCE is an example of this.

To confirm the game is loading xNVSE and JIP LN, run these commands:
GetPluginVersion "JIP NVSE Plugin"
You can paste them in if you have Console Paste Support installed.
xNVSE should return at least 6.
JIP should return at least 55.61.

If you have Johnny Guitar and Stewie's Tweaks, in the Johnny Guitar INI set bLoadEditorIDs to 1, and in the Tweaks INI set bUseConsoleOutputFile to 1.  Then you can run SQV on the following quests and give me the results from the ConsoleOut.txt file in your Fallout New Vegas folder, which may help with debugging.
SQV MPRVForceUpdateQuest
SQV MPRVRadioNewVegasQuest
SQV MPRVPlaylistQuest
SQV MPRVPlayedQuest
SQV RadioNewVegas

Most 'problems' are probably just the way radios work, and are why I've included the Force-Update feature. To explain, radios run what is technically a Conversation internally, and a Conversation is from one RadioHello Topic until (but not including) the next RadioHello Topic. When Mr New Vegas first starts his announcements, that's a RadioHello. Each Conversation is generated from beginning to end just before it starts, and nothing you do to alter the settings (such as removing a song for example) for the radio will take effect until you Force-Update or wait for Mr New Vegas to come back (if you have it set to skip him, a silent RadioHello topic runs, so don't worry). See Hotkeys section for instructions on how to Force-Update.

Resetting Quests:
If doing a Force-Update doesn't fix your problem, then before resorting to the clean-save-to-reïnstall method, which is understandably an annoying and inconvenient fix, you can try resetting quests. I highly recommend you install Johnny Guitar and in its INI set bLoadEditorIDs to 1. Then you can run the following console commands with ease:
ResetQuest MPRVForceUpdateQuest
ResetQuest MPRVRadioNewVegasQuest
ResetQuest MPRVPlaylistQuest
ResetQuest MPRVPlayedQuest
ResetQuest RadioNewVegas
MPRVForceUpdateQuest is the most likely culprit and I don't think you'll ever need to reset the others. Force-Update after running these commands.

Regarding MPRVForceUpdateQuest, there is one nasty little bug that I've only been able to incur twice throughout testing and development and I may or may not have fixed it. It returns an invalid selection on the Song Select Menu even when the track number is valid, and then the quest never ends. You'll know you've found this bug if you can't open the Song Select Menu anymore. Steps to reproduce are very welcome.

It's Messy but It Works:
As a last resort, nearly any problem can be solved by making a clean save and installing again, so if it comes to that, that's always an option. Ideally, if you can provide steps to reproduce the problem, it can be fixed in an update. Just make sure you've read the installation instructions.

The people responsible for the recommended mods, many of whom helped me determine the best ways to approach certain features and helped me nearly learn how to write my own functions for the game, but that turned out not to be necessary so I lazily gave up.

Asterra, for touching up the vast majority of the songs on here and testing.

Jarol for the Extended New Vegas Radio Generator, which helped me to automate at least some portion of this.

Tortured Tomato for R.A.C.E., where I got maybe 25% of these tunes, and which served as an inspiration for features to include.

The people that made all this fantastic music.