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Adds floating signs to locked doors and exit doors, indicating their state.

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Signs For Locked Doors And Exit Doors
by ZuTheSkunk

Ever had a situation where you came across a door and clicked it, not realizing in time that it's a door that's either locked or leading to some other location, and you ended up trying to lockpick it, or ended up going somewhere else - without meaning to?

Well, this mod may be the answer.

What this mod does is adding floating signs in front of doors. The signs appear after you aim your crosshair at the doors at least once (even if from a considerable distance). That way you can easily see from far away whether a door is locked or leads to some other location.

The mod is scripted in a way that should hopefully be compatible with most doors, vanilla or modded. Some models of doors may be incompatible though.

Requires New Vegas Script Extender.


Simply put all the files in the Data folder where the game is installed, and then make sure to checkmark the mod in the Data Files section of the game's launcher.

To uninstall, simply delete the files.

Known Issues

- The signs are placed at the centerpoint of a door's model. As such, if the door's model is made in such a way that the actually visible part of it is placed away from the centerpoint, then chances are that the sign is either going to be not visible, or placed in a strange spot. However, such doors should thankfully be rare.

- Even if you pick one of the UI-colored versions of the signs, then depending on whether you're using HDR or any mods that change the game's shaders, the signs' color may be off.

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