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Usable lunar rovers.

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Have you ever played Boom! To the Moon by Jokerine? Have you ever wandered around Honey Pomelo Station thinking that it'd be cool if you could actually fix and use those Lunar Rovers?

I have... So I decided to do something about it. All five rovers can now be repaired, broken, repaired again, broken again, repaired again (again), picked up (you should probably lift with your knees though), stuffed into containers that they probably shouldn't fit in, but do anyway, ordered to follow, wait, pick up ammo, food, and misc items, wander the crater gathering tasty moon minerals.*, and even be brought back to earth as souvenirs to remember your trip.

Commands can be given directly to each rover and most can also be given remotely from the terminal in the rover garage or by a craftable, portable rover control terminal. (Recipe added the first time you repair any of the rovers.)

* Disclaimer: Not all moon minerals are edible... I just assume they're all tasty.


Um... On the moon?


Fallout New Vegas

Old World Blues

Lonesome Road

Boom! To the Moon


Jokerine for Boom! To the Moon

Uhmatt for animating the rovers and making them repairable/usable

This mod may not be redistributed in part, as a whole, modified or as is without direct permission from both myself and Jokerine.