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A massive overhaul of the C4 Plastic Explosive and detonator, adding groups to C4 which can be independently detonated.

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To me, C4 was always one of those things I would of loved to use more often, however the impracticality of using it meant that I strayed away from it. Look no further than this mod.

This mod makes massive changes to C4 in two ways.
1. All C4 is now sticky C4, meaning that you can attach it to walls or floors.
2. C4 can now be subdivided into groups, with each group being independently detonated.

To subdivide C4 into groups, hold right click when you have C4 equipped, and a menu will pop up. Use the scrollwheel to change the group number you want to set. After selection, place down your C4. This C4 will now be part of the group you selected. To detonate the C4, equip a detonator, press right click, select the group you want with scrollwheel, and detonate away.

C4 sticky functionality is currently enabled by default, however in the future there will be an option to change it to sticky or non sticky on a per C4 basis.

Will not be compatible with mods that change C4 as this mod overwrites the vanilla C4 with a custom projectile.

New Vegas Script Extender

A working scroll wheel

  • Individually selecting C4 to change between proximity or default.
  • Individually selecting C4 to change between sticky and non sticky.
  • Detonating all groups at once

For doing all the scripting involved in the mod, as well as the menus. So pretty much everything ;)

For helping me with my original idea and for coming up with the projectile based system.

If you have any questions, queries or want to gawk over how good this mod is, feel free to post a comment or Pm if that tickles your fancy.