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An abandoned military facility from before the war has had it's existence blown open by an enthusiast adventurer, this facility holds terrible secrets that should be better left forgotten. Do you have the courage to know the truth?

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This mod is a story based mod that takes you into an underground facility to explore and uncover it's secrets, the only issue is whether you will be able to stomach what happened the dreadful day an experiment turned on it's masters.

To start this mod, go to the Boulder City saloon and you will see a terminal, read an entry on this terminal to start the quest.

What this mod contains

This mod contains-

- A large and varied amount of enemies that will test your abilities.

- A large array of weapons and items to help you on your adventure.

- A deep, intricate story that describes the horrors that took place on the fateful day.

That's it really, if you have enjoyed the mod make sure you endorse it and share it with others to help it grow.
Thanks- Kazopert~

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