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Use your shishkebab to light your surroundings.

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Shishkebab Torch Light

Ever stumble around in the dark while wielding a shishkebab and wondered, WTF? Why doesn't it light the area around you? Now it does. It's not very bright, and doesn't reach very far, but it was meant to be a weapon, not a flashlight.

Copy esp to the game data directory and enable with your mod manager.

While a shishkebab is equipped, draw it to light the area, and sheath it to extinguish the light.

As per all my own stuff, you can do whatever you want with this. A thanks would be nice, but isn't required.

2016-10-17: Released v1.0.
2019-09-03: Released v1.1. The unique shishkebab Gehenna now has the torch effect as well.