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In typical fashion, a couple red-shirts have died, but their misfortune can be your windfall as you collect that sweet sweet loot. A hand phaser, a rifle, and a cool red uniform are yours for the taking!

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Star Trek TOS Phasers for TTW

Away teams were sent to the Capitol Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland. The surveys went great, with only the loss of two crew members. If you dare to explore Hubris Comics in DC, or the radscorpion grounds south of the Nipton pit-stop, you may just find yourself a Type II hand phaser, a phaser rifle, and a nifty red uniform.

This is the result of three mods - the Star Trek Original Series Phaser and the Star Trek Original Series Phaser Rifle, both by DMagnus, and the red TOS uniform from Star Trek Uniforms by murfy27. The phasers are used with permission from DMagnus, and the red TOS uniform can be used without permission as long as credit is given to murfy27.

DMagnus did a wonderful job on the phaser and phaser rifle, releasing these for Fallout 3, New Vegas, and just recently for FO4. Having recently setup Tale of Two Wastelands, this was something I wanted as a big Star Trek fan. I started by combining the FO3 and FNV phaser mods into one. The original phaser was a regenerator type weapon, but New Vegas has a bug that makes regenerator ammo of different types vanish under various conditions. So I switched the phasers to using phaser cells, very much like small energy cells. You get 100% of all spent ammo back as drained phaser cells, and have recipes for recharging the cells at any workbench with small energy cells or fission batteries. Having worked out the ammo, I decided to merge in the phaser rifle. In his phaser rifle mod, DMagnus used weapon mods to change between stun, damage, and kill rather than different ammo. Having already switched the ammo for the hand phasers, I decided to do the same for the phaser rifle. So both use the same ammo, the stats are just better for the rifle.

Once I had added the phaser rifle to the mod, I noticed that DMagnus had a skeleton next the phasers in NV, so I decided on a background story about red-shirts dying to allow the rest of the away team to escape the wasteland. I added a skeleton to Hubris, and made the skeletons containers with loot - a few more phaser cell clips, some drained phaser cells, some pre-war money, and the red-shirt's uniform.

Copy the esp, sound directory, meshes directory, and textures directory to your game data directory. Any mod manager should be able to handle this as well. Enable the esp via the mod manager. There is also an optional texture directory included for a black and white version of the hand phaser. If you wish to use that, copy the textures directory inside the optional directory to your game data directory. Allow it to overwrite the phaser texture.

Battle feral ghouls in Hubris Comics to find the dead red-shirt in the Beta Testing office. You'll find his phaser and phaser rifle along with three ammo clips, one each for stun, damage, and vaporize. On the dead red-shirt himself you'll find three more clips, 600 drained phaser cells, some pre-war money, and his uniform. You can make new clips using 100 drained cells and small energy cells or fission batteries at any workbench. To charge for stun, you need 32 small energy cells or 1 fission battery. For charge for damage, you need 64 small energy cells or 2 fission batteries. To charge for vaporize, you need 128 small energy cells or 4 fission batteries. The uniform can be repaired using vault suits.

In the Mojave wasteland south of the Nipton pit-stop just west of Nipton, you'll find another dead red-shirt near the radscorpion mound. Just like his DC counterpart, there will be a phaser, a phaser rifle, and three clips near the skeleton. On the dead red-shirt, you'll find the same loot as the one in DC. So whichever part of TTW you start first, you can get a phaser, rifle, and ammo. Oh, and a red uniform to wear... if you DARE!

The uniform is actually pretty good, having 10 DT, +20 science, +20 energy weapons, +25 energy resistance. So why wouldn't you wear it? Uh - it's red. So in keeping with Star Trek, that means it has -3 luck. Too bad it's not a gold uniform with +3 charisma.

New for v1.1! I changed things so that the stun and damage ammo no longer vaporize the target. You can only do that with the vaporize ammo, which can actually vaporize almost anything, so be careful about friendly fire. The vaporize ammo now cuts the DT to one-fifth, as well as doing 10X damage. Once a target dies, any further shots vaporize it. You can use this feature to dispose of already dead bodies. Because the new vaporize ammo is so powerful, I had to give it some kind of expense - it's even more expensive to charge, and it now does 15X damage to the gun condition. That means the hand phaser can shoot about three clips before breaking, and the rifle about six clips before breaking. The hand phaser uses the laser pistol repair list, and the rifle uses the laser rifle repair list. You can also now use bulk energy cells to charge the drained cells, but it will require 15% more cells. The scope on the phaser rifle now zooms a little more, making it easier to snipe targets further away.

The v1.2 update replaces the v1.1 update. I fixed the amount of ammo found on the Dead Red-Shirt.

v2.0 is now the main file. It's updated for TTW3.x. Get this if you use the current TTW.

Given most of this is DMagnus's phaser assets, you'll need his permission to do anything with this. The uniforms are from murfy27, who allows you to do whatever as long as you credit him, so you can do whatever with the red uniform, just give him credit. Anything not covered by those two are mine, and like all my other mods, I don't care what you do with it.

Star Trek Uniforms by murfy27: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39982/?
Star Trek Original Series Phaser by DMagnus: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57125/?
Star Trek Original Series Phaser Rifle by DMagnus: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59860/?
Various assets used with permission from DMagnus, and with credit to DMagnus and murfy27. Be sure to leave an endorsement on the original mods if you like this.

2016-10-15: Released v1.0. The only issue I'm aware of is that there is a tiny chance the phaser sound can get stuck if a kill-cam occurs. Not very often, but if it does, just tap the trigger to make it stop. I suggest a mod to reduce/eliminate the kill-cams. Also, if you get a crit using stun, there's a good chance it will vaporize the target rather than stun it.

2016-10-17: Released v1.1. This fixes the problem with stun and damage sometimes vaporizing the target. Altered the phaser rifle scope FOV to 15.

2016-10-20: Released v1.2. This fixes the amount of ammo found on the Dead Red-Shirt.

2019-9-02: Released v2.0. This is updated for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.x. Tested on 3.2.2.