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New armour for males, with separate accessories.

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New armour model with separately equippable accessories.
For males only (headgear works fine with females too probably)
I've tried to keep a simple design so it might fit most characters and playstyles.
They are custom models, not a retex or mash-up (i've made this for testing if i am able to create a new model on my own, without existing in-game pieces, well, it's something...)

Fallout 4 vesrion available 

Base armour (DT 9, +1 Agility)
Vest (DT 2 )
Vest with breastplate (DT5, +1 Endurance)
Cap (+3 Survival)
Goggles (+1 Perception, Four Eyes, also possible nightvision if you have the Advanced Recon Nightvision mod installed)
Goggles raised on forehead
Goggles as neckwear
(Yeah, i obiviously like these type of goggles, never enough...)
You can of course wear all the accessories with other armours too (if the upperbody is tight fitting enough)
Fits best for Roberts body, and that is what the main mod uses, there is a patch for vanilla and Breezes. 
They are all light armour.
Base outfit and vests can be repaired with mercenary outfits, cap with headrwraps, goggles with various glasses.
Textures are almost all 2048x2048
About naming, i've just run the fallout armour name generator in my head, i'm not very creative in naming.


At Nipton Road Reststop, in the store, on your right when you enter the buliding, in a duffle bag. 

The base mod needs Roberts male body.
There is a patch for Vanilla and Breezes.
If you want nightvision for the goggles, you'll need the patch and the Advanced Recon Nightvision mod.

Install the main mod as usual.
If you want nightvision, install the patch and overwrite the esp (after you installed Advanced Recon of course).
If you use Vanilla or Breezes bodies, install the patches, and overwrite the .nif.

Possible issues:
There is no female version, and wont be. (it would require to remake most parts of the armour from scratch, that is a lot of time)
The screenshots were made with Roberts body, it might look a bit different with vanilla or Breezes.
I was lazy again, which means pipboy icons are just texts, ground objects are boxes.
Also it might look weird around the legs in vats and when dismembered
When standing idle your hand clips a bit with the fannypack thing, it is not too noticeable though.
If you want to see both wristbands, you'll need a handheld pipboy replacer.
It has more polygons than the in-game armours, so there is a possibility that it slows down old pcs, i'm sure it wont be a problem though if you don't add it to every second npc. (Its my first custom armour model, i wasn't sure how many polygons are optimal)
If you are unsatisfied with the DT, it is really easy to change that in geck, there are many tutorials for that.
The character race on the screenshots isn't available for download.

Advanced Recon Thermal and Nightvison for the goggles nightvision functionality
(didn't do anything with that mod, just added the goggles to the form list of compatible headgear)
Blender, Zbrush, XNormal, Photoshop, Nifskope, FNVEdit, Geck.

You can use the models in your FNV mods.
You can port it to Fallout 3, i'd do it myself but i don't have it installed now.
(it's legal to do so since it doesn't use any assets from new vegas) 
You can make a project nevada patch for the goggles, i won't since i don't use it.
Just credit me and message me first if you do any of the above.
You cannot upload it to any other mod sites (translations might be fine though).