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Adds a scratch made Barrett 95 Anti Materiel Rifle with custom sound fx and modifications.

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From the twisted mind of GaigeStorm:

Barrett. 95 Covert Ops Anti-Materiel Rifle.

A scratch made Barrett 95 comes to fallout with custom sound fx and a number of Modifications.
The mod includes a normal version that automatically adds the weapon to your inventory and a level list 
version that adds the gun and the modifications to leveled list vendors (normal version still does the same). 
I know the real weapon uses a number of different types of ammo like: 12.7mm High profile Parrabellum rounds 
or 50.BMG but in the game it uses 50MG which are the same as the vanilla anti-materiel rifle for obvious 
reasons, this includes the explosiveand flame rounds with the DLC. The vanilla anti-materiel rifle's power's
120 while this one is at 160, it also fires faster, has a larger magnification on the scope and is more stable.
This isn't an over power weapon so don't go deathclaw slaying at low levels thinking it'll be a cake walk.

The Barrett 95 includes:

1. Ironsights (Standard)
2. Range finder Combat Sight (Mod)
3. Sniper Scope (Mod)


NOTE 1: The animations are a bit out of whack since the bolt action animations don't like bullpup rifles but it
doesn't look all bad (See screenshots). I Highly recommend using Hitman's 1st Person Animations so it looks better
in 1st person (See Screenshots) i will leave a link for hitman's animations for those who don't have it. 


NOTE 2:   Please don't use both mods on the weapon as it will reset back to an iron sight version. Just pick a mod and
keep it with it. If you want both then buy another one from the gun runners or console command: "Help Barrett 4 Weap"
without quotes and when type: PlayerRef.additem xxxxxxxxx  (the x's being what ever numbers are there)


Use NMM or FOMM for the best and quickest soultion of installing and uninstalling.
For Manual Installing:  Place all in your data folder, this is:  My PC/ x86/ steam/ steam apps/ common/
fallout NV/ data


GaigeStorm (Me):  Model, textures, Geck editing, Nifskope editing... *Sigh*, Everything!

GECK: obvious reasons

Bethesda: Making a game we can still enjoy 6 years later

NifSkope: Also obvious reasons

Nexus community for continued support and motivation


Do not redistribute without permission from me or else you'll grow a sudden love for Adam Lambert!