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With this race tutorial, you too can make your very own FREAKISH RACE! Tutorial includes details on how to create .EGMs, .EGTs, Proper NIFs, etc.
Meshes created / used in through this tutorial can also be used in Fallout 3.

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  • Eye Color doesn't change in ShowRaceMenu - FIX: You need to separate the eye meshes and put them in the right slots. My mistake was I used a single NIF containing both Eye Meshes rather than individual meshes

"Really ANOTHER race tutorial?" -Random Jack

Yes, because New Vegas has especially been confusing for me for so long. Plus, the methods used in both Skyrim and Fallout 4 REALLY don't translate well to Fallout 3 / New Vegas. (Or at least, from my experience?)

But for the convenience of those who still play this game, here's an actual custom race tutorial. Now go make some Kitty Sanic waifus.

.EGM CREATION IS NOW INCLUDED! Goes to show how much of a n00b I still am. lol

  • BeardofSocrates (For helping me verifying this tutorial, correcting my mistakes and helping test out with some of the Races)
  • FancyPants (For Example Race meshes)

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