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Removes the yellow tint and makes the wasteland more vivid.

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Note: Some screenshots might be outdated.

Version 1.4 Update (05/09/2017)
-Some tweaks

Version 1.3 Update (07/10/2016)
-Lighting improvements
-Changed and improved the lighting near the wasteland's borders (before it was blue due to changes to the imagespace modifier, oops)
-Hoover Dam lighting improvements
-Created an optional lensflare texture 

Version 1.2 Update (25/09/2016)
-Some lighting improvement
-Altered Camp Searchlight's lighting
-Lowered the brightness

Version 1.1.1 Update (11/09/2016)
-Fixed the bright fog during the night in The Strip
-Improved the strip's nighttime

Version 1.1 Update (10/09/2016)
-Changed the legion's territories and Goodsprings lighting
-Improvements made to Night/Sunrise/Sunset lighting 
If you have the first version please update to this one, it's much better.

What is this?
A mod that removes the horrendous yellow tint and improves Fallout New Vegas' looks.

How to install?
Just simply drag and drop the esp to your data folder. 
Make sure to place it at the bottom of your load order in order to prevent having issues.

Any performance hit?
Nope, since M0rk's lighting isn't using any injector like ENB, Sweetfx or ReShade there should be little to no performance drop, making it a great mod for those with PCs that can't handle them or don't want to lose 10+ fps for a small graphical change.

This mod is incompatible with any weather/lighting altering mod and it's probably not compatible with enb, I don't know, I haven't tested.

-Alter the zion and Big MT's lighting
and i'm also working on the fallout 3's version of the mod, it's nearly done, only a couple of DC weathers left. Scratch that, the HDD FO3 was installed in got corrupted therefore it's gone haha