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Ever wanted to have sandwiches in New Vegas? Now you can.

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Craftable Bread & Sandwiches
by ZuTheSkunk

This mod adds the ability to craft bread and sandwiches, using any campfire/cooking oven/etc. (so long as you have 25 Survival).

To make bread, you need yeast, flour and brahmin milk. The latter can be extracted from any brahmin, so long as you have an empty bottle of some kind. Note that not all brahmins will yield milk; you should primarily look for brahmins that are being used as farm animals (like in the Mojave Outpost), not for carrying luggage.

To make sandwiches, you need bread, a mutfruit (non-crispy) and some kind of meat.


Simply put all the files in the Data folder where the game is installed, and then make sure to checkmark the mod in the Data Files section of the game's launcher.

To uninstall, simply delete the files.


This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies or removes the script attached to generic brahmins.


Mod and the meshes: ZuTheSkunk
Bread textures: Dreamstime.com and Photos-public-domain.com


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