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AnsaarTGB and RIchwizard

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Update of Ranger's Hunting Carbine by AnsaarTGB.

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Update 10/6/16: Now uses script to add to leveled lists and vendor inventories for improved compatibility with other mods. File now includes both esp versions. "RangerHuntingCarbine.esp" has just the rifle. "RangerHuntingCarbineSequoia.esp" has the rifle and also changes the Sequoia.

Ranger Hunting Carbine
(Based on Ranger's Hunting Carbine by

Since AnsaarTGB noted that his mod was a modder's resource, I've opted to make a few changes, some by popular request. This is a standalone replacement for the original mod.

Carried by Veteran NCR Rangers. Mods can be bought from Gun Runner vendors. One carbine is placed at a location with a Ranger. Papa Bear has been taken out of it's owner's personal inventory and placed nearby (sometimes he disappears from the game). One Ranger Sequoia has been placed in a vanilla location where a dead Ranger can be found. The carbine that was in Goodsprings has been removed.

Changes from the original version:

They will now only be found with veteran rangers and not with all rangers; same as the Ranger Sequoia.
Damage has been reduced to more reasonable levels. Several fans of the original mod have requested this.
They are now repaired with Hunting Revolvers.
There are now 3 mods available; Ranger Sequoia 6 shot cylinder, Ranger Sequoia scope, and Ranger Sequoia custom action (increases fire rate). Naturally, these apply to the Ranger Sequoia as well as the Ranger Hunting Carbine.
The carbines have been removed from Gun Runners basic vendor lists. They can (rarely) be available from gun vendors since Rangers do occasionally get killed and their bodies looted.  Mods, however, can still be purchased from Gun Runners.
Attempted to clean up the "seam" that was apparent in the Carbine's barrel.
New hi def textures and meshes for regular and modded Ranger Sequoias


Will probably conflict with another mod that alters the Ranger Sequoia.


If you replace the original version with this one in mid game, you should still have these weapons in your inventory. If not you can look up the item numbers in FNVEdit and use the console to replace them.


Uploaded a new file that removes changes to the Ranger Sequoia for WMX users. However, the Ranger Sequoia that was added to the new location is still there to be found.

MrBJBlazkowicz for his amazing concepts
AnsaarTGB for the amazing 3D work and the original mod
Devinpatterson for "Papa Bear's" textures