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Dragbody Hermit85 and AlexScorpion

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This mod provides high resolution texture replacers for both vanilla or breeze male bodies.

Textures by AlexScorpion (commissioned by Dragbody and Hermit85)

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This is a simple mod, but one I can no longer play the game without. These textures overwrite the old vanilla male textures for either Vanilla males or Breeze.

This is not for Roberts users.

This mod affects no meshes and there is no plugin. These are simple texture replacers. There are enough male body mods out there that as soon as we try to edit more than just a couple textures, you start needing 100 compatibility patches. Well, we won't be bothering with that.

The male hands go from 512 third-person and 1024 in first-person to a much higher quality 2048 texture. Lots of detail here and they look amazing holding your readius or rifle. Since I am not the creator the texture, I can say without any self-flattery that the details are superb.

The male bodies here are also vastly improved. If you use vanilla bodies, then you will get the full 4096 texture. The muscle structure built into the normal map is greatly improved over anything else out there (at least that I've seen) and the diffuse is crisp and natural looking.

If you use Breeze, then the texture is reduced to a 2048 quarter of the 4096 Breeze texture sheet since it sits alongside the Robert's texture too. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you don't need to worry about it.) But, you don't lose any critical detail or suffer visually in any substantial sense. 

Fair Warning: Everything you need to know is already in this description. This mod overwrites the default male hand textures and male skin textures. It does not change raiders, anything from DLCs, or other mods unless those mods change the same files. Please don't ask "Will this work with x?" or "Can you make this compatible with y?" These files are provided as-is and no further updates are planned.