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A tribute to the charms of old Las Vegas

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When I first got New Vegas, I felt pretty disappointed that the game hardly included any unique signage and casino structures like the real
Vegas had. In order to add a little more variety to the game, I'm uploading a collection of modder's resources for the signs, and eventually towers, that once lit up the Las Vegas skyline. I've got over 80 pieces planned so stay tuned for more of 'em (A full list can be found on my profile page). I've also included a file that includes a blank marquee texture and an alphabet for users who would like to create their own marquees. Please be patient as I 'm doing this in my spare time without a team.

Project Status: Active

Permissions: If you use these in your mods, be sure to throw me some credit :D

Bugs/ Conflicts: Let me know if you find any.
  • Results may vary from those in the screenshots as the world spaces for the
  • Strip and Freeside have different bloom settings, resulting in the neon affect being diminished outside of the Strip. I'm looking for ways around this so if you have an idea let me know.
Step 1. Download the LVC Resources.zip
Step 2. Open the .zip file and place the "meshes" and "textures" folders inside the New Vegas "Data" folder
Step 3. Open up the GECK, create static models using the provided meshes and place them in the game.
(If you're new to the GECK, you can download the LVC Geck.zip which already has the signs pathed and ready to be placed)

Recommended Mods: FNV 4GB Patcher

It is recommended that anyone with a version prior to 1.7 go into their LVC textures folder and remove any textures ending in
_g.dds or _n.dds
as these glowmaps and normalmaps are no longer being used by the models.

Special thanks to SKYZOO for creating the LVC GECK file and to the community for your continued interest and support!

As of 11/21/17, this pack includes 42 signs:
Casino Royale
Club Savoy
Desert Inn + Marquee
Desert Rose Motel
Desert Spa
El Rancho Vegas
Flamingo (1953-68) + road sign
Glitter Gulch
Golden Gate Casino
Golden Nugget: (1905), (Gambling Hall)
La Concha Motel
Las Vegas Club (1949)
Little White Chapel
Lucky Casino
Moulin Rouge
New Frontier
Pyramids Motel
Riviera (1957-60), (1967-2016)
Sahara (1960-72),(1997-2012),
Sands (1959-65), (1965-83)
Santa Anita Turf & Bar
Silver Palace
Stardust (1968-91)
Steel's Jewelry
Tennessee Grill
Tower of Pizza
Tube Bar
Westward Ho

Coming up in Update 1.9:  will include various improved textures, versions of all previous signs with separate glowing parts (which glow between 8 PM and 6 AM), separate/larger marquee textures for each sign, and blank templates of all marquees so users can create their own.
Coming up in Update 2.0: The next real update will include the signs for: Fortune Club, Frontier Hotel Casino, Flamingo Champagne tower, Imperial Palace, Slots-A-fun, maybe Sands Hotel Tower