Rewarding Exploring - Unique Places for Unique Weapons by phoenix0113 AKA Western Dragon
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Howdy! The TLDR of this mod is that all unique weapons from Gun Runner's Arsenal have been placed around the Mojave for you to find. Some have obstacles to acquire them, others are defended by the ferocious enemies in the wasteland, and others require a little thinking and questing to obtain.

Playing Fallout 4 made realize how much I missed truly unique weapons and the associated challenge in acquiring them. In Boston, all the named weapons look the same as any other and many have the same effects that you could find on your own! Worse still was that most (not all) were acquired by purchasing them from vendors and merchants further lessening the "cool-factor" of getting a unique weapon. New Vegas made unique weapons feel truly unique being placed in unique locations and all of them having special stats and appearances.

That all changed when the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC came out and I felt that Obsidian copped out by dumping all their weapons into the inventories of some of the merchants around the Mojave. They tried to balance this out by giving them ludicrous prices in an attempt to get you to spend all the caps you can acquire from the casinos and Dead Money, but it was not satisfying and I never bothered spending the caps to acquire these weapons.

I didn't want to make this ridiculously hard nor did I want it to be a cakewalk, I wanted to achieve the balance that the original New Vegas game had and I feel that all my changes will make these weapons feel like they were meant to be there from the start. Since this is a scavenger hunt of sorts, I'll give you a hint: there are several locations in New Vegas that I thought were very cool or interesting that never got any quests or explanations probably due to the short development cycle that Obsidian was working on, so several of the uniques have been placed in those remote and distinctive locations to give you a reason to explore the game world.

Additionally, no weapons have been touched so they should work with mods like WMX, WME, and EVE.

For those players with the Wild Wasteland trait, there is a special surprise to be found in one of the dry lakes :)