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Adds misc pieces of armor you can wear with other armors for added protection like pauldrons and belts etc. Restores the cut Armored vault 21 jumpsuit making it craftable and available to the player in a believable and logical way. Adds new gloves to the game through leveled lists and crafting that provide protection and skill bonuses.

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This mod adds misc pieces of armor you can wear with other armors for added protection. The armor pieces mostly consist of pauldrons and belts combined with knee/elbow pads. The mod also adds gloves you can wear with any armor which provide additional protection and skill boosts.They are divided into right or left depending on the piece and take up various body slots depending on the item.

The armor pieces are balanced and are not cheat or god items neither will they be handed to you in a random container outside doc mitchell's. This mod strives to be lore friendly, balanced and tries to feel like it was a part of the vanilla game.

This mod was partly inspired by how Fallout 4 handles apparel and by other RPGs and to provide the player with more options to customize and play.

The names for the items aren't the best. If you have any suggestions for better names, do share them. 


Right Pauldron : Body slot 1
Left Pauldron : body slot 2
Right Glove : Right Hand
Left Glove : Left Hand
Belts : Body Slot 3
Wrist Guard/Misc Armor : Necklace

This part of the mod will be improved upon in later updates when I make more armor pieces, hopefully.

The armor pieces are as follows:


1. Basic Leather Pauldron (L) : 1 DT - A basic leather pauldron. Commonly worn by wastelanders and sold as common loot. Also used by Raider gangs like Jackals and Vipers. Can be crafted with 2 leather belts and 1 wonderglue. Repaired by leather belts, wonderglue and other leather pauldrons.

2. Raider Wire-mesh Pauldrons : 1 DT - A steelwire pauldron. Used by raider gangs and can be crafted using 2 scrap metal and wonderglue.

3. Tyre Pauldron (L) : 1 DT - The pauldron found in the Raider Blastmaster armor. Found on common wastelanders and used by raider gangs like Jackals and Vipers. Cannot be crafted.

4. Basic Metal Pauldron (R) : 2 DT - The pauldron used in Leather Armor and its respective variants. Crafted using 4 scrap metal, 1 wonderglue and 1 leather belt and a repair skill of 20. Also sold by Chet and rarely worn by jackal and Viper leaders.

5. Armored Metal Pauldron (L) : 3 DT - The pauldron used in the Armored Vaultsuits. Can only be crafted using 3 scrap metal, 1 wonderglue and 2 leather belts and a repair skill of 20.

6. Armored Metal Wrist Guard : 2 DT - The metal wrist guard used in Leather Armor and its variants. Crafted using 4 scrap metal, 1 wonderglue and 1 leather belt and a repair skill of 20. Also sold by Chet and rarely used by jackal and viper leaders.

7. Armored Belt (L) : 2 DT - Raider Armor belt and kneepad and arm guard. For now, can only crafted using 3 scrap metal, 1 leather belt and 1 wonderglue and a repair skill of 20.

8. Armored Belt (R) : 2 DT - Armored Vaultsuit belt, pouches and kneepad. Can only be crafted using 2 leather belts, 1 scrap metal and 1 wonderglue and a repair skill of 20.

9. Spiked Metal Pualdrons : 3 DT - The pauldrons found in Metal Armor. Found wherever metal Armor is found and used by raider gangs.

10. Composite Pauldrons : 3 DT - The pauldrons found in Recon Armor. Sold and found wherever Recon Armor is found. Commonly sold by Gun runners.

11. Scrapped Power Armor Pauldrons : 4 DT - T-45d power armor pauldrons. Quite heavy but good protection. Sold by Knight Torres at the BOS bunker at Hidden Valley.

12. ShivShanks Pauldrons (R) ( crappy name I know) : A basic pauldron with knives sticking out of it. 1 DT and boosts melee by 1. Used only by raider gangs.

13. Junkyard Dog Pauldrons : Tyre pauldron with metal and Rivets. 3 DT but pretty heavy. Used by Vipers and bandit/raider gang leaders. Can also be crafted using Tyre Pauldron (L), 3 scrap metal and wonderglue. 

14. Junkyard Ravager Pauldrons : Enlarged Composite pauldrons. Provide 4 DT but heavier than Scrapped Power Armor Pauldrons. Can be found similarly ike Junkyard Dog pauldrons but Ravager pauldrons cannot be crafted.

Chet will also stock more leather belts, scrap metal and wonderglue to allow for easy crafting for new characters.


NOTE : I would appreciate it if someone can confirm that all leveled lists are working. 


The gloves are divided into right and left so you can mix and match. The gloves each have unique models depending on the type of glove. They should use any retextures you are using.

The following are the types of gloves added by the mod.

1. Basic leather gloves. Provide basic protection 1 DT. No skill bonus. Can be crafted by using leather belts and wonderglue and a repair skill of 15. Repaired using leather belts, wonderglue and studded leather gloves and a repair skill of 15. Found as generic loot and sold by common vendors.

2. Studded leather gloves. Provide slightly better protection 2 DT. Can be crafted using leather gloves and wonderglue and a repair skill of 20. Repaired using leather gloves, leather belts, wonderglue and other studded leather gloves. Found as generic loot and sold by common vendors.

3. Metal gloves. Provide decent protection 2 DT and a slight boost to unarmed +1. Can be crafted using studded leather gloves, scrap metal and wonderglue and a repair skill of 35. Repaired using scrap metal, wonderglue and other metal gloves. Found as generic loot with metal armor and sold by leveled vendors around a certain level similar to metal armor.

4. Military Gloves. No protection 0 DT, instead each glove provides +2 to guns. Cannot be crafted. Sold by vendors (rare item) or found as military loot. Should be sold by Gun Runnners frequently. Repaired using military gloves and wonderglue.

5. Streetfight gloves. Basic protection 1 DT. Also provide +1 to melee skill. Used by Kings gang members and sold by Ralph at Mick and Ralph's in Freeside. Repaired using leather gloves, studded leather gloves, wonderglue, leather belts and other streetfight gloves. The kings now also have a chance to spawn with a baseball bat as I thought it was approriate. They do keep the peace after all, greaser style!

6. Doctor's Gloves. No protection. Provide +2 to the medicine skill. Can be bought from most doctors in the wasteland and can be found in first aid boxes and hospital clutter. Can be repaired using other doctor's gloves. Doc Mitchell will usually have a few to sell every now and then.
7. Static Charge gloves. No protection. Boost energy weapons by +2. Should be used by Van Graff thugs. Should be sold by Gloria Van Graff. Very rarely used by fiends who use laser rifles. Repaired using Static Charge gloves and wonderglue.

8. Grenadier Gloves. No protection. Boost explosives by 2. Mainly used by Boomers. Can also be found as rare military loot. Should be sold by Gun Runnners frequently. Repaired using grenadier gloves and wonderglue.

9. Composite Gloves. 1 DT and +1 to sneak. Found as rare military loot and sold by gun runners. Repaired using Recon gloves and wonderglue. (I'm thinking of ways to make these gloves better. I'm thinking of changing the meshes and calling them 'Shadow Gloves" which only improve sneak)

More gloves will hopefully be added in. Track and look for updates.

Check images to get an idea of the various pieces. Glove images will be uploaded soon. The gloves might not spawn immediately, its not a bug. The leveled lists have to be refreshed and you'll have to wait a few days in-game before they appear.


I have also restored the cut Armored vault 21 vaultsuit and made it obtainable by crafting in such a way that it feels believable and natural to the flow of the game.

New players and low level characters are encouraged to craft the Armored vault 21 jumpsuit and wear the remaining pieces with that. Decent to good protection and a really sweet look to boot, win win.

The armored vaultsuit can be crafted using a regular vault 21 jumpsuit, left Pauldron and right belt with kneepad with a repair skil of 30.The Armored vaultsuit can also be repaired by other vaultsuits.


The misc armor pieces can be repaired using scrap metal, wonderglue and leather belts and similar armor pieces depending on the item. The repair of gloves is given in the glove section.

NOTE : Due to the nature of the meshes, there will be clipping with many armors but it's nothing game breaking.

I am looking to expand this mod by adding more stuff to it like other pieces of armor. If I can, i'll definitely expand this mod. I had made this mod for myself, but I decided to share it with the community. Endorse if you enjoy the mod.


My graphic card died so dont expect great ENB screens. I've done the best I could with what I have and the screens are enough to give you an idea. Feel free to upload some screens.


None. FalloutNV.esm (Vanilla) only

DLC's are NOT required


Some of the armor pieces will clip, especially with females. Nothing can be done about this, sadly.

Report any bugs and feel free to give suggestions and ideas. 


- Thank you to Proximitus for allowing me to use his meshes from his awesome mod 'Lone Wanderers Protection Kit'. Without him, this mod wouldn't exist. Give him a kudos point and endorse the original mod!

Sin7188, Pintocat and Verbal Earthworm for allowing me to use meshes from 'Tailor Maid'
Me, for assembly.

Suveraan for his Wasteland Wear Gloves mod which inspired the gloves addon and Illyism for figuring out how to seperate glove meshes from the armors.

Obsidian for Fallout new vegas

Bethesda for the GECK and publishing the game

ElminsterAU for FNVEdit