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This mod provides a large new world space that joins the Mojave to Zion Valley There are new quests, new settlements, new characters, some new weapons and outfits and a new set of skill books, plus some other useful odds and ends if you can find them.

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The Zion Trail

Version: 1.11
Date: 19 March 2017
Author: Hwiccian

A Russian version by TwilightKhan is now available by at http://modgames.net/...il/96-1-0-22503


Ever wondered what your player character got up to in the time they were fast traveling to Zion Valley? Now you can find out as you can make them walk all the way there from the Mojave.

This mod provides a large new world space that joins the Mojave to Zion Valley, because I was getting claustrophobic and its good to explore new places.

There are new settlements, new characters (all fully-voiced, some unfortunately by me), some new weapons and outfits and a new set of skill books, plus some other useful odds and ends if you can find them.

There are 8 quests, minor and not so minor to keep you occupied on route. Some are essentially combat/exploration with others note based. There are lots of notes to collect because I like stories.


The mod requires all four DLC's as I couldn't resist using the resources

Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road

And Fallout: New Vegas might also be helpful


The main file is required (1.05) and there is a patch (1.11 ZionTrail.ESM and ZionTrail-NV.ESP) to fix a some bugs. I have not updated the main file to 1.11 yet as I had real problem uploading it, as its quite big.


Select the zip file with your mod manager/package manager and install it with the Add FOMod option. Mod managers are such a good idea.

Alternatively, extract the contents of the zip file into your Fallout New Vegas Data Folder and place a check mark next to the ZionTrail.esm and ZionTrail-NV.esp. make sure the archive invalidation is activated.

If you use Mod Organizer (I have never done myself) I understand there are some issues. The are some posts which tells how to get around them.

Note: Both the esm and esp files are required. The esp provides the link between the Mojave and the Zion Trail and without it the mod will not work. Its up to you where in your load order the esp goes but I suggest fairly high up.


Select the Mod with your mod manager and uninstall it with that. Mod managers are such a good idea.

Alternatively, remove the contents of the original zip file you put into your Fallout New Vegas Data Folder and delete the ZionTrail.esm and ZionTrail-NV.esp files.

Note: Mod managers are such a good idea.

Game play:

Complete the Honest Hearts DLC first, if you haven't already, but only if you intend to explore Zion Valley.

Go to the Highway 95 radioactive road block, there is a camper van just before it and inside there is an ammo box. Open it and it starts there.

The trail can vary in route although if you keep to the one hinted at you won't have to double back on yourself to complete one of the quests, but it doesn't really matter, its up to you to explore and go whatever way you want. And I generally like my dungeons dark so take a torch.


I've aimed this mod at a medium level player. Not sure how good my aim is but you will need at least average skills.


I have done my best to make this mod fully companion compatible, after all, who else will carry all your crap.

There is no location where having a companion will break this mod, but:

- There is one location where having a companion might seem a little out of context depending on how you play the game. There is a warning before you enter this area.

- In some internal cells a companion may get stuck or get left behind only to appear a little later. If you can put up with this (and its really not a serious or common issue) or are just happy to use the 'moveto player' console command occasionally then no problem. If not, then for the smoothest game play I suggest whenever you venture into any sort of vault or break into anywhere (and its necessary to see all the notes), leave the companion outside.


This mod may conflict with any other that alters the Route 95 radioactive road block and the far south east road block of Zion Valley, where this mod joins with the existing. I'm not aware of any, but the are probably out there.

Known Issues:

This mod does not conflict with the Honest Hearts quests but does bypass the original Happy Trails Caravan Company route into Zion Valley and as a result you will miss some very important Honest Hearts quest triggers (both start and end) if you have not already completed the Honest Hearts quests.

So if you travel into Zion Valley via the Zion Trail before you complete the Honest Hearts quests it will probably trash them or at least cause problems.

I cannot change this.

If you are not intending to venture into Zion Valley, it is possible to complete this mod without actually going in. Simply go to the Zion Valley Entrance, which will finish the Zion trail quest, and just turn around. This will not cause any problems with any uncompleted Honest Hearts quest.

Also I've played scant regard to actual geography, so don't bug me about it.


I would like to hear any constructive comments or feedback you have on this mod. It's not my first but it is the first I've released. Any un-constructive comments will be addressed with withering, scornful silence. Please let me know if you find any bugs, missing meshes, etc so I can fix them.

Thanks to all of you that have left posts, its always good to know your work was appreciated!


Ver 1.00 - 01 June 2016 - Initial release
Ver 1.01 - 04 June 2016: Patch - Corrected faulty meshes that were not displaying textures
Ver 1.02 - 04 June 2016: Ver 1.01 patch + re-packaged to extract correctly
Ver 1.03 - 09 June 2016: Fixes a glitch where Kept on walking & therefore Ritas Cafe becomes hostile
Ver 1.04 - 12 June 2016: Fixes the bugged water breather so it works. Patch Only
Ver 1.05 - 13 June 2016: Fixes a missing mesh in the utility tunnel to Ground House.
Ver 1.06 - 21 Aug 2016: Patch Only. Replaced small utility doors in V616 Maintenance Level which were occasionally bugged with an 'invisible' wall.
Ver 1.07 - 21 Sept 2016: Patch Only. Added some missing names to random encounter bad guys + patch 1.06
Ver 1.08 - 26 Nov  2016: Patch Only - Zion Trail.esm & ZionTrail-NV.esp. Removed some blank records that might overwrite other mods
Ver 1.09 - 30 Nov  2016: Patch Only - Zion Trail.esm & ZionTrail-NV.esp. Removed some more blank records and some minor tidying up edits
Ver 1.10 - 19 Jan  2017: Patch - Zion Trail.esm & ZionTrail-NV.esp. Moved Trail Note 38 into a box beside Wellington as a bug was reported where Wellington disappears.
Ver 1.11 - 19 Mar 2017: Patch - Zion Trail.esm & ZionTrail-NV.esp. Moved Diplomacy into its own bag next to the existing as a bug was reported where it may not appear. Fixed a bug where the Groundhouse quest would hang if the player had a barter skill less than 50


- The Fallout Modding Community: Thanks for all the excellent mods that I've enjoyed playing, of which there have been many. They are the reason I created this.
- Anybody who has written a tutorial. If you have, I've probably watched/read it.

Tools Used:

G.E.C.K - http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php/Main_Page
FNVEdit - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34703/
FNV LOD Generator - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58562/
FOMM - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/36901/
Blender v2.7 / v2.49 - https://www.blender.org/
NifSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
GIMP 2 - https://www.gimp.org/
Audacity - http://www.audacityteam.org/


Please do not copy or redistribute this mod without my permission.

Feel free to leave kudos for this mod. Its something I always forget to do because I'm probably an evil person. Consider this Mod penance.

No Animals or Christmas presents were harmed during the making of this mod.