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Glasses, goggles, hats and helmets.

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32 pieces of headgear including various glasses, goggles, hats and helmets.
They are all different style.  
For both males and females.
They are all made from in-game model pieces.

Starring in alphabetical order:

Baseball Cap Nuka-Cola (modern style) (+1 perception)
Baseball Cap Sunset S. (modern style) (+1 Perception)
Biker Goggles (+1 Perception)
Biker Goggles on forehead (+1 perception)
Cold Weather Hat (+1 endurance)
Desert Goggles (+1 perception +3 survival)
Desert Goggles on forehead 
Eyepatch (+2 barter +2 speech)
Fez (+1 charisma) (they're cool)
Futuristic Sunglasses (+1 perception)
Grandpa Beret (+5 barter)
Head Wrap (+5 unarmed)
Head Wrap with goggles on it (+5 unarmed)
Knitted Courier Cap (+5 survival)
Knitted Courier Cap with goggles on it(+5 survival)
Mad Scientist Goggles (+1 perception +3 science)
Mad Scientist Goggles on forehead
Motorbiker Helmet (+2 DT)
Motorbiker Helmet opened (+2 DT)
Mutant Friend Headgear (+10 rad. resistance)
Mutant Friend Headgear with goggles on forehead (+ 10 rad. resistance)
Outlaw Hat (+5 guns)
Outlaw Mask (+5 sneak)
Protective Glasses (+1 perception)
Robot Eye (+1 perception +5 crit. chance)
Sports Sun Visor (as hat or as headband) (+1 perception)
Square-Rimmed Glasses (+1 perception)
Vintage Goggles (+1 perception +3 repair)
Vintage Goggles on forehead
Wide Sunglasses (+1 perception)
Worn Straw Hat (+2 melee +2 guns)
Worn Straw hat with goggles on it (+2 melee +2 guns)

I recommend to check the screenshots, because naming doesn't say a lot (and i am bad at it).

Goggles and glasses work with four eyes trait.
Forhead goggles have no specific stats (they're just for decoration).
Stats are based on looks and/or name and/or "why not".
They can be repaired with various common hats and eyewear.


Nothing, just the base game.


At Nipton Road Reststop, at the back of the General Store, behind the cash register.
It's a duffle bag.


Nothing special, with mod manager, or manually by placing the contents into your data folder and activating the esp.

Possible issues:

They might be clippy with some headshapes, hairstyles and headgear (even each other).
Nothing can be done about that.
Ground objects are some boxes and pipboy images are texts only (i am lazy).

I am sorry, but...

I can't make any other color variants or mesh combinations right now, since my to do list is already too long.
It cannot be ported to FO4.
My character races are not available for download.


Wasteland Clothing HD retex
NifSkope, Blender, Photoshop, Geck, FNVEdit, Conformulator
Various free texture resources


Feel free to use them in your mod, just give proper credits.
Don't upload it to other sites.