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My attempt to give some more characterization to the player, through animations and actions (idles, headtracking, variable speed run, sitting anywhere etc.)

Permissions and credits
This mod introduces some features for the character (PLAYER ONLY), all modular and singularly selectable via MCM. It started with idles, that was my main goal, then I added few more features instead than making separated ESPs, to handle better compatibility.

The actual features as for V2 are:
- Idles: activate and see the character animating when you're not doing anything
Variable speed run: allows to run faster / slower depending by the angle of your camera. At min value (looking in the direction of your feet), you will walk
- Head-Tracking: passive behaviour of the character, sometimes it will turn the head looking at some npc - Experimental
- Sitting: you can sit down wherever you want. Look down and hold Activate (default E)

I'm working on this in parallel to the Stamina mod, I'm focusing to make them work together and looking for some more realism and interactivity for my game. However it's important to know that I play in third person and this mod is designed with that in mind.

There's NO GENDER RESTRICTION, because the idles are pretty much neutral, however you can untick on MCM those you don't like

Install it (drop the files under Data as you are used to do), go on MCM, click Import (if you have Lutana) and load my default settings. Alternatively, activate the features that interest you and play.

- Latest NVSE, always MANDATORY in my mods
- MCM too, it is MANDATORY
- UIO is OPTIONAL: with it, you'll be able to see the widget showing the run speed
- Lutana is OPTIONAL: with it, you'll be able to save / restore your MCM settings (since there are many) and identify if your skeleton is viable for head-tracking. Saved settings are stored inside Data\Config\Behaviours
- A compatible skeleton, like Deedes' The Skeleton or Astymma
- Alternatively, my skeleton if you know where to find it (it's not on Nexus). It's the only skeleton that allows HxT (head-tracking). If you have Lutana installed, it will tell you if the skeleton and the version are the right ones.

Note: those marked as optional are still recommended by me, then feel free to do what you prefer

Behaviours will stop working when an animation is forced via script - this is a "feature" of the game engine. Anyway you can reset them sitting down. In short, scripted animations can still be viable, it all depends by the frequency you invoke them and if you're patient to reset

MISALEN did a wondrous video, please take a look at his wondrous channel!

They are what I call "passive animations"

- General Idles
A list of idles that can be played by the character under certain conditions. They can be singularly selected / deselected on the specific MCM sub-menu GENERAL IDLES. Actually there are 20 different idles. You can check the pics to understand the names I gave to them.
- If you don't want idles to play, draw your weapon out.
- Some idles won't interrupt when you move. So, for example if you start running, you can see your character doing some bad weird movement. This is somewhat intended, because in this way it allows my character to animate when I walk and I really wanted it. If you always run, this should be pretty rare, but if you start switching often walk / run often it can happen more frequently. In case it starts annoying you, untick the offended idle from MCM or draw your weapon to temporarily stop idles.

- Primary Needs
These work only if Hardcore Mode is activated. Actually there are 2 different idles, they will play for a lack of food, lack of sleep or dehydration. They tend to block the player for a couple of seconds.

- On Hit Idles
They play if the player is injuried on body parts, there's one or more animations per body part.
Also, the player will cry from time to time if the health is low. As for Primary Needs, these are slightly more invasive than General Idles.

- DN (Do Nothing)
These idles are not written inside the MCM. They will play everytime that
another idle is not playing. They are subtle movements, the character
will turn the head on right, or *sighs*, or look at left... etc.etc.
Actually there are 12 DN animations. The MCM option HIGH PRIORITY will allow DN animations to have twice the chances to be played - so General Idles will play half of the times

- HxT (Head-Tracking)
Head Tracking is not possible in Fallout, let's deal with it.
This is just a workaround so it's not perfect. The range of the head is +-70 degrees. The distance necessary to acquire a possible target can be defined in MCM (HxT MAX DISTANCE on MCM). The player will "forget" about a target after a certain time (HxT REM TIME on MCM). It requires a certain custom skeleton to work.

There will be a cyclical attempt to play every kind of animation, every (x) seconds, where x is a random number between the 2 values MIN DELAY TIME and MAX DELAY TIME defined on MCM.
The way the character chooses animations depends by some factors and by a certain priority I gave inside the mod.

In the current version there are only 2 actions, I count (and hope) to increase them in the future. The problem with actions is that not everything can be scripted because many things can screw the Behaviours, and I wouldn't like that.

- Running
You can change the speed of your run, based by the X axis of the camera. Basically, if you look your feet (MCM option MAX ANGLE) you'll go slower and if you'll look the horizon (MCM option MIN ANGLE) you'll go faster. When your speed is at minimum, you'll start walking. If you have UIO installed, you can enable a small widget to show your actual run speed.

- Sitting down
Look at your feet, hold Activate (default E) for a couple of seconds, a red X will appear where you're going to sit and then you'll sit down. Simple as that. How much inclination the camera must have? How much you must look at your feet? MAX ANGLE, the angle defined under Running, even if you don't use that option. How much time you must hold E? it can be defined by the MCM option HOLD TIME.

hlp for NVSE
Luthien Anarion for Lutuna
Pelinor for MCM
Nickolos1818 for testing

My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.
Included assets can be used only in New Vegas

June 2016: this mod is still updated by me