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This mod is an attempt to "port" the Intimidation perk from Fallout 4 to Fallout: New Vegas.
Time to show everyone who's boss! ©

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This mod is an attempt to "port" the Intimidation perk from Fallout 4 to Fallout: New Vegas.
Each rank of this perk gives you exactly the same ability as its Fallout 4 version.
Pacify NPCs, incite them to attack your foes, and give them commands.

This is the "not OP" version of the perk.
Time to show everyone who's boss! ©

To start, you need to get the "Intimidation" perk. Requirements:
  • Level 10
  • Charisma 8
  • Speech 75

To pacify or incite an NPC, or enter Command Mode: aim at the NPC with your weapon, and press "E" key (MCM configurable).

The on-screen text will guide you through the rest of the process.

Intimidation perk breakdown:

  • Rank 1: You can pacify hostile NPCs. Pacified NPCs will raise their hands up and stop attacking you.
  • Rank 2: You can incite pacified NPCs to search and attack any nearby hostile actors.
  • Rank 3: You can give pacified NPCs specific commands

Gameplay breakdown:

  • To intimidate an NPC you need to invest in many stats, skills, and look as dangerous as possible. Big guns, terrifying armour, high Charisma, Strength, Speech and, of course, Luck are the keys to successful intimidation.

  • Expect to fail (0% success) most of the time, until you've maxed out required stats and skills.

  • Success chance cap: 75% + undetected bonus.

  • Undetected bonus: you will have a higher chance to intimidate an actor if he doesn't see you coming. 10% For friendly actors, 45% for hostiles.

  • An intimidated actor will be under your control for 1 in-game hour. Once time runs out, the actor will run away or attack you.

  • If you fail to intimidate the actor - they will attack you. You cannot intimidate an actor you've failed to intimidate before.

  • If you've intimidated an actor, but the actor has been seen by friends or allies, actor will report it as a crime and allied\friendly actors will immediately attack you.

  • You don't need to hold the aim key once in command mode to give orders.

  • In command mode you can give an NPC orders to follow you, wait, move wherever you order them to go, pick up items, open unlocked doors (except loading doors), or attack other actors.

  • Commanded NPCs have their own extra dialogue, similar to the default companion dialogue. You can tell them to follow, wait, or open their inventory.

  • To exit command mode, press the "Q" key (MCM configurable)

  • You can always enter command mode for the last commanded NPC by holding the "E" key for a second.

  • If you care about a particular NPC and don't want them to be killed (by you or your foes) - don't intimidate them. Simple as that.

  • You can simultaneously give movement commands to up to 3 actors.

MCM breakdown:

  • Intimidation: key used to pacify, intimidate and command actors

  • Command mode off: key used to disable command mode

  • Show success %: this option will show you the success percentage when you're trying to intimidate an actor.

  • Pacify Friendly NPCs: you will be able to Pacify non-hostile NPCs.

  • Pacify Creatures: you will be able to Pacify animals, muties, robots, and other non-human actors.

  • Pacify Essential NPCs: you will be able to Pacify Essential NPCs. Use at your own risk. NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Pacify Quest NPCs: you will be able to Pacify Quest NPCs. Use at your own risk. NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Pacify Teammates: you will be able to Pacify Teammates. Use at your own risk. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Success formula breakdown:
I'm bad at writing balance formulas for gameplay mechanics. So far this is the best I've come up with:
Player DPS = (Player Base Weapon Damage - Actor DT ) * Shots per second
Actor DPS = (Actor Base Weapon Damage - Player DT ) * Shots per second

Actor Survival Time = Actor health / Player DPS
Player Survival Time = Player Health / Actor DPS
Threat Ratio = Actor Survival Time / Player Survival Time

Player Persuasion = (Player level + Player Charisma + (Player Strength / 2) + (Player Speech / 2)) - (Actor Charisma + (Actor Strength * 2) + Actor level)
Actor Persuasion = Actor level + (Actor Luck / 4) + (Actor Charisma / 2) + (Actor Strength / 2)

Success Percent = ((Player Speech * (Player Charisma * 2)) / 100) + Player Strength + Player Persuasion - Actor Persuasion - (Threat Ratio * 50) + (Player Luck * 2)
Success Percent = Success Percent + Undetected bonus

Latest NVSE (beta version 5.0b3)
Most functions.
JIP NVSE Plugin version 27 or higher
Detection arrays, actors processing levels.
User Interface Organizer
User friendly "install and forget" way to get custom UI elements to work
The Mod Configuration Menu
MCM, "One mod to rule configure them all"

Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
F4 Intimidation mod installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager.
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.

Uninstallation is the same as installation, in reverse.

Bethesda for making new Fallout games
Obsidian for amazing Fallout New Vegas
NVSE team and JazzIsParis for making this mod possible
Jojash, Hitman47101 and SuBNeRoCL for testing, useful advises, and formula help.