Fallout New Vegas
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You can see Image modificators even with ENB enabled.

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You can see Image modificators even with ENB enabled. Does not edit anything. Will work for any ENB and screen resolution. Does NOT affects savegames.Safe to use.

For now it will pick up any vanilla Imod. it may no work for some quest mods which use it's own imod modifiers.
If anything goes wrong - it can be fixed by reloading a savegame.
Mod will not pick up imod modifiers already applied when game is loaded because there is no way to know on which stage current image modifier is now.

Lunette comparability:
If you have Lunette installed - you already have "ENB" fix there which does the same but only for Lunette. If you use it with this mod I suggest you leave "ENB fix" option ON in Lunette's MCM menu. This you will ensure that no Imods are called twice during the scene.

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