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Welcome to Atlanta. The trading hub of the south and one of the 'must visit city's' in post-apocalyptic america 2280. (Currently in Alpha)

Permissions and credits
An Intro

Welcome to Atlanta. The trading hub of the south and one of the 'must visit cites' in post-apocalyptic america 2280........

There's plenty to see and there plenty to do in one of Americas culturally rich cites. Explore the likes of The world of Nuka Cola and the Super Duper theme park. Take a trip to the memorial park or even take a boat ride down the Chattahoochee River. You won't struggle for a place to stay either, with rooms available at peach tree towers and The Marquis Hotel. Wondering how to get here ? With two Airports located just outside the city, Atlanta international airport and Fulton county Airport, you can fly right into the action. Live more local or fancy a road trip ? Atlanta is severed with excellent highways and has rail links. Don't miss out on your chance to experience one of Americas finest city's.   

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To enter into the mod you will need to go behind the gas station in good springs. This will teleport you to the new world space.( More lore friendly on getting you there will be worked out). Probably a caravan from Mojave outpost  

We now have discord ; https://discord.gg/YErFH4e
Key Features

-World space to explore
-NCPs with dialogue
-New Quests
-New vendors
-Interiors to buildings , couple of interiors that have been custom built e.g Super market , Subway
-A new Casino
-New quest such as piece by piece where you find keys to unlock rooms within a apartment left by a deranged killer
-unique settlements such as vine city and the reverse
-New textures and meshes
-New weapons and amours
-New Items
-New map markers
-Early development of factions that roam the city
-Well crafted unmarked locations
-Early development of a new vibe that will be different to new Vegas or any other fallout game  

Last Update (0.45) Alpha

-Adds to world space (North East)
-Adds to landscaping
-New Locations (Map Marker)
-New creature spawn
-New loot and spawns

Recommended and Compatible Mods
This mod was design to work on and PC that can run FNV. Any textures added with be similar to those of the base game quality. Although it will push the limits of the hardware with NPCs limits and such things. Most mods should be compatible with this as it changes very little from the base game. 

Body Re-placers : Most body re-placers should work with this mod if the edit the default races. This mod does not edit or effect default races.  
Character Overhauls : Any Mod that edits how default races look will work with this mod (Hall of face) for example works perfectly 

Hall of face
This mod is created with this HOF in mind. I have permission to use that mod in this work however in the currently version it will not be included. A future patch may include HOF into the mod.

Fallout Atlanta Misc Files ; 


Help required

Looking for help in the following ways ;

-Taking photos of the mod
-Taking Videos of the mod
-Creating Artwork
-Creating textures
-Creating Meshes
-Creating Pip-boy Icons
-Creating Pip-boy Map