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Adds a background to the console to enhance readability in bright surroundings.

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As a modder, I'm a heavy console user. I use the console for testing pretty much everything that I do. But one thing about it has always really rubbed me the wrong way; the bright text makes reading very hard in bright surroundings. The font has a slight drop shadow, but it doesn't help much. I've found myself constantly having to look in a different direction to find a set of background colors that makes reading pleasant.

So I've decided that enough is enough and to take the issue into my own hands. The solution is simple. This mod adds a background to the console. It's dark, mostly transparent, with a gradient towards the top. It's a subtle, but very effective change, that should hopefully improve your experience with using the console.

In version 1.0.2, the mod has two options stored in global variables. You can set these in the console or by overriding them in a patch. The two options are:

  • ConsoleBGAlpha - Set the alpha/transparency value of the background. The value defaults to 160. Higher values are less transparent.
  • ConsoleBGSolid - Replace the gradient with a fully solid background. You may want to use this with higher alpha values, as those makes the gradient look ugly. Defaults to zero; non-zero values means solid.

The syntax for setting one of the options in the console is: set [OPTIO
N] to [VALUE]


  • Toss the plugin into your data folder as usual.
  • Use the game launcher or mod manager of your choice to activate the plugin.
  • Toss the thing in your recycle bin to uninstall if you get tired of it.

Load order is irrelevant, it's a tiny, purely scripted mod that is not going to conflict with anything. Feel free to merge it into your merged/bashed/whatever if you don't want it to consume a slot in your load order.