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A massive overhaul of AWOP balance to better complement AWN. Every container. Every NPC. Every Leveled List. Every Creature. And more.

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A massive reconstruction of AWOP in the style of After War Nevada.

After more than two months of editing, rebalancing, and rebuilding, it has come to this. Short of DJ Mystro's cells themselves, there has been no aspect of AWOP left untouched. What's remains is an experience that should feel like an offshoot of AWN's gameplay overhaul.

So, what has been done?

  • [Minor] All AWOP ingestibles rebalanced. New addiction and Hardcore effects created.
  • [Minor] All AWOP armors and weapons rebalanced for AWN DR/DT and damage mechanics. Armor effects replaced with AWN's resistance mechanics. Mk II armors and weapons now feel like a natural upgrade to their base counterparts.
  • [Minor] Obsolete crafting components have been removed from AWOP cells and merchants. Replaced by AWN versions.
  • [Minor] 4D Storage effects are now comparable to that of various tiers of backpacks (without the miscellaneous penalties involved).
  • [Minor] All respective items (primarily weapons) added to AWN's custom formlists for proper interaction with AWN scripts.
  • [Minor] Rewards for various quests tweaked for not just quantity, but also content (new ammunition and weapons accounted for).

  • [Major] AWOP creatures have been rebalanced accordingly. Ghoul levels match those of AWN's (for the most part). Lakelurks have various tiers that start off matching AWN's, with bosses capping out at level 50. Such creatures make use of custom scripts for awarding experience and custom radiation-based attacks, as per vanilla AWN.
  • [Major] All Tech Raiders now utilize a tiered template system and should be more difficult/higher level than before. They also make use of AWN's full repertoire of weapons - which leads me into...
  • [Major] Over 500 new leveled lists have been created to distribute items throughout AWOP more evenly and with greater variation. Yeah. Various types of items are covered: armors, weapons, ingestibles, etc. In regard to the armor and weapons, they are scaled to either the player's level or the NPC in question.
  • [Major] The creation of leveled lists also allowed for a complete overhaul to hundreds of AWOP containers; ie., safes, lockers, Aunt Janie's wardrobe. While not completely different from before, things should be, overall, more random. Gluttonous quantities of loot also reduced in some cases.
  • [Major] Dodge actor effects have been added to every single AWOP NPC. Yes, all 800 of them. While doing this, AWOP NPCs who had nothing to say but would still open a dialog window with the player have been fixed.
  • [Major] Lastly, ammunition as loot has been completely reworked (both in AWOP and AWN). While AWN implemented various tiers and types of ammo (Which I really like), the player would find an assortment of different types of ammo when looting each container. The LList system behind this has been overhauled so that a player will now find [random] amounts of only one specific type of ammo type per container. AWN's tiered system is still in place; I have simply replaced its random assortment aspect.

Is that it? No, there's still some other tidbits with which I'd rather not bore you.
Have fun and leave some feedback on any issues you might encounter.

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