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It's about time right?

Replaces/adds a lot of 1st person weapon animations.

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This mod is completely unsupported/dead/abandoned, I don't recommend using it but I'm leaving it up for posterity's sake, instead try Asurah's pack or sticking to the default animations for a consistent experience. The mod is provided as is and there will be no support given, private messages will be ignored.


This mod overhauls a large chunk of the 1st person weapon animations with the goal of brining them to a more modern standard, you can see some examples in the video section.

Currently Includes over 80 scratch made animations for pistols, rifles and assault rifles (1hp, 2hr, 2ha) more may be added later as I make em.

Optional Files

Iron Sights Foley:

Adds sounds to aiming down sights, a little detail missing from the normal game. The sounds included are vanilla place holders, you'll need to supply your own sounds if you want anything good.

Sneak Foley:

Adds sounds for going in and out of sneak mod, another little detail missing from the game. The sounds included are vanilla place holders, you'll need to supply your own sounds if you want anything else.

Weapon Sway Remover:

Removes the sway/wobble effect for pistols, rifles and assault rifles. Compatible with every mod that I know of.

More will be added soon.


Someone: Is the esp really necessary?!?!

Me: Yes, unless you're a fan of not having sounds when you use weapons.

Someone: You removed the recoil from auto weapons, how dare you!

Me: No I removed the fake camera recoil that was throwing off your aim, use a recoil mod, these anims are designed with one in mind. 

Someone: Can you slow down the iron sights anim?

Me: No, its not possible, don't ask me again.

Someone: But RH_Ironsights did it in F3! (failing to realize F3 doesn't have a sighting node system)

Me: Shut up.


A fDefault1stPersonFOV value of 75 in your falloutprefs.ini

The optional foley plugins require NVSE.


Installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager, i recommend the later for easy uninstallation.


Installation in reverse.

Credits & Thanks

Bethesda for keeping Fallout alive, in there own unique way.

Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas

Blender Foundation for Blender 2.49b, the program I used to make the anims.

The NifSkope team for NifSkope and pretty much making this kind of modding possible.

Special Thanks to Xilandro, Aday, Shiny Hax, SuBNeRoCL, A.J, NCRVet, Dragbody and many others for the endless support.

Me (Hitman47101) for the rest I guess.

Authors note:

As some of you may know I put off putting this on the Nexus for a long time, I hope you guys who are sticking around in FNV with me get some enjoyment out of this mod. Hasn't been an easy road to get here but I've almost done everything I set out to do, not much longer now and I'll actually be able to play the game myself. haha

Have fun!