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A NVSE rework of the perk script controller in OWB, to better implement their intended effects.

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Old World Blues Perk Sanity
included in Unofficial Patch Plus


A few of the perks from the Old World Blues addon claim to increase the effectiveness of healing items: Heartless and Cardiac Arrest claim to increase the effectiveness of healing chems, and the Y-7 implant to do so for food. Plus there's the Y-3 implant claiming to remove radiation from drinks. And how is this implemented, you're wondering? Well...
Since the devs didn't go around patching all consumables to check for these, someone must have had a "brilliant" idea: make the quest control script check whenever the player's relevant consumable count has dropped, and if he's under a restore health effect, apply the relevant bonus to healing. Yeah, sounds good... no it doesn't, it sounds terrible! Consume any such healing item, and while it's in effect drop your other existences to the floor, and voila, you're triggering the "healing" effect in every drop!

To be fair, implementing such an idea correctly with little compatibility hassle might have been a bit complex for what the default game allows, but now we have something better. With the power of NVSE and the JIP plugin, I have completely reworked the OWB perk control script into something a bit more elegant.

The quest script no longer monitors your consumable count, instead, at gamestart these consumables are automatically patched with a custom script effect depending on the list they are found in:
  • NVDLC03PerkRelatedAllChemsLIST is for healing chems affected by the Heartless and Cardiac Arrest perks. These chems will restore an additional 5 or 7 HP with the respective perk.
  • NVDLC03PerkRelatedAllStimpaksLIST is the same, but for stimpaks, which will restore an additional 10 or 15 HP.
  • NVDLC03PerkRelatedAllFoodLIST is for healing food affected by the Y-7 Implant perk. With it, they will restore an additional 5 HP and 2 AP.
  • Due to difficulties in patching them correctly from scripts, the Y-3 Implant perk no longer nullifies (or rather tries to) radiation from consumable drinks from the script, but these can be patched in an additional file.

With the Lutana plugin, a few consumables from the official DLCs will be automatically added to these lists: Pre-War Steaks from Dead Money; Spore Carrier Sap, Blood Shield and Healing Poultice from Honest Hearts; and MRE and auto-inject stimpaks from Lonesome Road.

Plus another feature, custom limits to the GRX Implant's daily Turbo refills. These are now controlled in two globals, ImplantGRXreloads1 and ImplantGRXreloads2 for the respective perk rank. Default values are 5 and 10, but you can change them in the console ('set ImplantGRXreloads1 to x', 'set ImplantGRXreloads2 to y').

The Y3 files will patch the game's beverages that have a radiation penalty, so that this won't affect you if you have the Y-3 implant perk. You can use either the regular one, or the one with additional changes from JSawyer mod. But these are more intended as resources for you to patch other mods' changes you might be using with FNVEdit, since it's just a condition check for the Y-3 perk (for starters, you'll have to patch Irradiated Scotch with the new effect from Dead Money... well, if you are planning on using the Old World Gourmet perk and care to drink that filth). All relevant fixes from Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch are included.


Drop 'OWBperkSanity.esp' in your Data folder and activate. You can also use one of the 'Y3' files to patch beverages, as explained above. In game, change the values of the ImplantGRXreloads1 and 2 globals as desired, though note the changes in Turbo refills won't take place until the next day. You should load this mod after any other changing the NVDLC03GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT record (check with FNVEdit).
There should be no issues from uninstalling the mod, but I haven't really tried.