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Changes the Power Armor footstep sounds to resemble the heavy sounding ones in Fallout 4

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I was never satisfied with the Power Armor footstep sounds in New Vegas

They were pretty underwhelming especially since you're supposed to feel like a walking tank 

I tried the PA Soundified mod but it was a tad bit too loud and became somewhat repetitive after walking around
for long periods of time 

So I turned to Fallout 4's Power Armor footstep sounds which had satisfying thump sounds that gave a heavy sounding
feel while still being easy on the ears

There are 3 Variations of the mod, each with their own distinct sound

Default - It's strong/heavy sounding enough for you to feel the heaviness of walking in Power Armor but soft enough that you                          don't get tired of hearing it after walking around for more than 5 minutes

Soft Hydraulics - Similar sounding to the Default Version but with added
 hydraulic effect on each step

Softer Hydraulics - A combination of the Default version and Soft Hydraulics, basically the Default version with some slight
                                     hydraulic sound  effects

                                  -  A lot less frequent (about 60% less) hydraulic sounds compared to Soft Hydraulics version 

Use only one version

The mod unfortunately doesn't have the amazing jump landing fx that Fallout 4 had when you jump from high distances but if someone can edit the esp to add a file path to it/separate the Power Armor landing fx from the regular land fx, I'll happily provide the fitting sound effects for it

Just pm me

Give it a try and if it's not your cup of tea or if you want something louder and  more extravagant sounding to really give that "walking-in-Power-Armor" feel, give Power Armor Soundified a shot: