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Overhauls the damage and a few other effects of energy weapon ammo

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Short Description

Most people seem to share the same opinion that energy weapon damage is awful in the most recent Fallout games (FO3, FNV, and FO4). This mod aims to provide a simple fix to the damage of energy weapons while taking into account the intentions of the Devs in balancing Projectile and Energy weapons (See long description for explanation).

Long Description

This mod uses Gun Runners Arsenal and Vanilla ammo effects to improve energy ammo damage (See below for full details). This mod should be compatible with nearly any mod, including new weapons, so long as it doesn't touch the game's base energy ammo. There are a number of mods that overhaul energy weapons, but I have a few disagreements with them. I aimed to overhaul damage while keeping a balance between energy and projectile weapons.

(Long rant about energy vs. projectiles, skip to "Ammo Changes" for specific changes)

Balance Explanation

Energy weapons are not as bad as they seem, they're almost as good as projectiles. Projectile weapons get all their damage initially, but suffer lower ammo capacity and fire rates. Energy weapons initially have high ammo capacity and high fire rates; weapon modifications eventually balance the two weapon types. The issue is that finding the weapon mods at low levels can make or break gameplay; damage is stagnant without weapon mods. There's more to the two weapon types as well, as projectiles are effective against unarmored targets and energy weapons are better against armored targets (DT reduction). Energy weapons also strike faster and ammo is more interchangeable.

Rough Comparison


9mm Pistol (Weapon Modifications increase ammo capacity to 20 and adds scope, max damage bonus from ammo 1.75%)

Dmg 16, Dps 50, ROF 3.13, CritMult 1, CritDmg 16, APCost 17, DmgPerAP 0.94, Spread 0.7, Ammo Cap 13, MaxShotsDur 745, Skill Req 0, Str 2

Laser Pistol GRA (Weapon Modifications increase damage to roughly 15, max damage bonus from ammo 1.5%)

dmg 12, dp 45, ROF 3.75, CritMult 1.5, CritDmg 12, APCost 15, DmgPerAP 0.8, Spread 0.1, Ammo Cap 30, MaxShotsDur 995, SkillReq 0, Str 1


Cowboy Repeater (Weapon Modifications increase ROF by 20% and ammo capacity to 11, max damage bonus from ammo 1.75%)

Dmg 32, Dps 54.2, ROF 1.69, CritMult 1.25, CritDmg 32, APcost 27, DmgPerAP 1.19, Spread 0.06, Ammo Cap 7, MaxShotsDur 595, SkillReq 25, Str 4

Laser Rifle (Weapon Modifications increase damage to roughly 32.5, max damage bonus from ammo 1.5%)

Dmg 22, Dps 67.8, ROF 3.08, CritMult 1.5, CritDmg 23, APcost 18, DmgPerAP 1.22, Spread 0.025, Ammo Cap 24, MaxShotDur 800, SkillReq 25, Str 3


Energy weapons do turn out to be pretty decent. The real issues with energy weapons are: they get treated like assault rifles without the full-auto, energy weapons suck until you find mods, and there's a massive upgrade gap between the plasma rifle and holorifle, while projectiles have a very smooth upgrade progression. I felt that adjusting the ammo would provide an initial damage bonus that scales well with leveling and fills in the gap while looking for weapon modifications without making weapons ridiculous when modded.

Ammo Changes

(DT reductions are untouched. Keep in mind that Bulk and Standard reduce DT by 2, Overcharged and Optimized by 5, and Maxcharge by 10.)

Bulk: 0.85% Damage reduction removed 
Standard: Damage increased to 1.3%
Overcharged: Damage increased to 1.3%, Condition damage effect decreased to 1.1%
Optimized: Damage untouched at 1.3%, Condition damage effect removed
Maxcharge: Damage untouched at 1.5%, Condition damage effect decreased to 1.5%

Robots:Be careful as /all/ energy ammo was boosted, this includes robots, turrets, ect.


GRA DLC required for GRA version (obviously) and TTW + all DLCs required for TTW version. Install with whatever method you normally use. Plugin just goes into the data folder.


TTW Team (For TTW obviously, no content was used besides the plugin and master file with GECK. No Bethesda content is included in this mod from FO3 or FNV).