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Remy is a gun loving dog who gives you a perk in firearm and energy weapon accuracy. Not yet complete, but fully functional with companion wheel and dog whistle to summon him. Also available- his overpowered counterpart 'Dog'.

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Remy is a German Shepherd dog companion.

He even gives you a perk! What kind of perk? Well here's a hint- Remy is short for 'Remington'. Enjoy better accuracy with firearms and energy weapons with him loyally at your side. Find him in Goodsprings as you walk from Doc Mitchell's house to the Prospector Saloon. He has a fully functional companion wheel, and dialogue should work properly now with barks, whimpers, and growls. (Including a confused whine if you talk tactics and ask him about ranged attacks, lol)
Remy now has a JIP CCC icon and a dog whistle that will summon him to your side if you lose track of him. To get the dog whistle, talk to him after you 'hire' him and choose the dialogue option where you are worried about losing track of him.

Alternatively, download the 'epic' Dog, his over-powered counterpart with a more boring name.

Remy's quest has been postponed as I can't focus on this as much as I'd like after the death of both my grandpa and my dog a few months apart. I may eventually come back to it, but I can't say when. Even without the quest, Remy is complete enough to accompany you throughout the wastelands as is.

Please endorse if you like Remy!

Version 1.4
While testing some things I discovered a problem with firing Remy, and have now fixed it. Also now available: 'Epic' Dog. In case you want an overpowered canine companion instead named 'Dog'. Very similar to Remy, although instead having strength comparable to an Alpha Male Deathclaw. Because why not?
I recommend using one or the other, not both, due to a few shared refs and such.

Version 1.3

I've tested/played a few hours with him and saw no problems with the update, so I'm going to take it from beta to regular update.
Dog whistle to call him and tell him to stay. I also added an avatar for JIP CCC.

Version 1.2:
Remy may attack or growl at invisible opponents. This is because he has 'Enhanced Sensors'. Why did I give him his? Because dogs have an extremely good sense of smell and hearing- so they don't need sight to detect an enemy. The closest option I could find to giving a dog the ability to hear and smell invisible opponents was 'Enhanced Sensors.'

Remy has the 'Light Step' perk. There is a reason he has this, and it's not just because I was annoyed by companions setting off mines that I didn't. It has to do with his back story and future (currently postponed) quest.

Before anyone asks- No, I will not make a version of Remy without Enhanced Sensors and Light Step. I don't feel those little bonuses make him overpowered.

UPDATE: I just tested Remy through some of the DLCs. I recommend dismissing him back to Goodsprings or the Lucky 38 before doing Dead Money (which I hated). He tends to get stuck on some of the narrow staircases in the Villa, and there are many areas in the Sierra Madre vault where he can get stuck as well. I recently added a 'dog whistle' item which summons him to your side, but it is currently untested.

He does just fine in Honest Hearts and Old World Blues.