Fallout New Vegas
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  1. roceil
    • member
    • 131 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Thanks for the mod(^,^)V
  2. AlmostInsane
    • member
    • 51 posts
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    This isn't a complaint this is just a funny story which gave the event some character, when he approached me to off me, we initate combat at which point he realizes his guns empty and he forgot to reload :P Great mod my guy.
  3. Charmareian
    • member
    • 859 posts
    • 16 kudos
    Odd, I swear when I played this at release that he did these already. I know for a fact he doesnt now, lol!
    1. GenaTrius
      • member
      • 419 posts
      • 23 kudos
      Yeah, me too. Kinda makes me wonder if some patch or another changed it. Maybe they accidentally patched in an older version of the scripts for him or something.
  4. deleted11272243
    • account closed
    • 231 posts
    • 15 kudos
    You could make his weapon draw when he tries to "deal with you" to add little bit of challenge so at least he would act like he knew what he was doing, the original package VES02GeckomanTalkToPCPackage had weapon unequipped, wich didn't make much sense since he was trying to kill you and you could easily had your weapon drawn, anyway nice little addition.
    1. BuzzthemanUSMC
      • premium
      • 235 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Good idea
    2. Ladez
      • supporter
      • 1,818 posts
      • 85 kudos
      This was added in the latest version.
    3. SNIPD
      • member
      • 295 posts
      • 5 kudos
      Thanks for acting on the feedback!
  5. axonis
    • supporter
    • 2,989 posts
    • 227 kudos
    With this mod, Barton Thorn is finally acting normally.
    1. Ladez
      • supporter
      • 1,818 posts
      • 85 kudos
      Somewhat. I had him pursue me all the way to the Prospector Saloon once.