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This is a new armor made from in-game armor pieces.
With a wearable hood.

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This is a new armor made from in-game armor pieces.
With a wearable hood (on your head or lowered on your back).
Has its own gloves, and a bag.
It is called "Expert Adventurer Armor", because i made it with higher level characters in mind,
and because i couldn't come up with a better name. 

It is medium and has 20 DT.
The hood has the usual +1 perception boost and +5 to barter and speech (because hoods are cool)
The bag gives you +50 to your carry weight limit. 
The gloves are only there for the looks, so is the lowered hood.

The base armor does not actually have a hood, it comes as two separate armor pieces.
So you have to equip the hood separately, the "up" or "down" version. (just like a helmet or a backpack etc.)
(Also you can wear the armor without any hood at all. Or with both hoods on, if you want to look like an idiot.)

MINOR UPDATE: Vanilla patches for both genders

UPDATE: FIX for skin in new main version. (It's the same as the old one, but the underarms skin wasn't working properly with the facegen skin shades,
because i wasn't aware of one tiny shader flag.)
If you dont use any body patches, and use the old version, download the skin fix.
The patches also fix the issue, but you have to re-dowload them if you had already before the fix.
(Just simply install and overwrite)


At Nipton Road Reststop (see screenshot if unfamiliar), on your left when you enter the store, in a conspicuous crate.


Roberts male body 
T3 female body (but as far as i know it looks acceptable with vanilla skin too)
There is a patch for Breezes guys.

Lonesome Road DLC 
It is only required because I used mesh pieces from it, 
you don't need to go to the area and start the quest, just have it installed.

Not necessary but i recommend a handheld pipboy replacer too. 


Nothing special, with mod manager or manually.
(unzip, put the content of the meshes folder into your meshes folder and do so with the textures folder too,
put the esp into your data folder and activate it.)
If you use Breezes males, download the main mod, then download the patch, install and overwrite. 
Update: Vanila patches. Just install them after the main mod.


The male version has a bit of a clipping issue with the pipboy in 1st person
(it means some parts of the sleeve get through the pipboy, but you can still use it without a problem)
It might wont look 100% anatomically correct when you get torn to pieces.
If you have a nipple or some other body part on your lower arm that does not belong there, you installed the wrong body type version. 
Unless you have a mod that places something at the Nipton Road General Store to the same place, there won't be any mod conflicts.

Other info:

If you dont like the DT or the armor rating, it is very easy to change it with the geck, there are many tutorials for this.

I didn't really bother with ground objects, sorry... They are vanilla clothing pieces.

If you don't have the Lonesome Road DLC, the crate with the armor won't show up. 
It is because i used pieces from it in the armor, and i dont want to get into any trouble.
You don't need to start the quest or anything, you can have the armor whenever you want.

Also keep in mind that this is my very first try in mesh editing, so it might not be 100% flawless,
but it doesn't have any major clipping issues, and worked for me so far without any problem.

I only made screenshots of the Roberts male version, it looks the same with Breezes.
The mod only contains the armor with the hood the gloves and the bag, anything else you can see on the screenshots is not included.
The sunglasses are from Spice of Life.
The pistols are from the Rhino Gauss rifle mod.
The rifle is from MrRadioaktivs Weapon Collection.
The girls hair is from Nouks and Apachiis hairstyles.
(the bandana is the vanilla red bandana edited by me to fit the hair)
The heads are FCO meshes with my own textures. 
(So don't worry the armor won't make your male character ugly, at least not its face)
I posed the two idiots with the Groovatron nv. 

Credits and thanks:

I used some textures from the Wasteland clothing HD retexture mod, mostly as "guidelines", but they show up here and there. 

I know that there are armors that look more or less similar to this at first sight, and i admit i was inspired by Niner's armor, the Geonox riot armor,
and the Black mountain thug armor (but i did not use a pixel or a verticle from them).
So i'd like to say thank you for these mods for ideas and inspiration.

Big thank you, Nifskope, and Blender.Also thanks for all the online tutorials i googled. 
I had literally zero experience in mesh editing when i started, and without them i would not be able to create anything but new swear words.


If you'd like to use this mod in yours in any way, please message me first, but I'll probably allow.

Thanks for downloading!