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This mod changes everyone's favorite ghoul companion into his voice actor, Danny Trejo.

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Raul As Danny Trejo

This mod changes Raul Tejada into a new race that matches his voice actor, Danny Trejo.  

As featured on Danny's official Facebook page! 


- Raul's vaquero armor is slightly updated
- Raul's default petro-chico jumpsuit is still equipped by default, but you can remove it from his inventory to reveal his vest and jeans outfit
- This mod does not change anything with Raul's default body texture to ensure there are no compatibility issues with body mods. As a result, exposed skin is a little light and doesn't quite match Danny's face. However, there are no texture glitches with vanilla vs breeze vs roberts. 


Thanks to sungates for the model and textures


Simple drag and drop

F.A.Q. (Frequently Anticipated Questions)

Q: Raul is supposed to be a ghoul. Ergo, this mod isn't lore-friendly. What gives?
A: New Vegas came out over five years ago. If you can't play with a little imagination at this point, nothing I say will matter anyway.

Q: New Vegas is old news dude. Why aren't you modding Fallout 4?
A: I like New Vegas better. I hope DLC and the GECK will make Fallout 4 a little more tolerable, but for now I'm not playing it or modding it.