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Adds power armor frames like in Fallout 4, and some other cool stuff.

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This mod now supports Tale of Two Wastelands! Thanks, Axer4!


This mod adds Fallout 4 style Power Armor Frames to New Vegas.


  • Just like in Fallout 4, wearing Power Armor without a Frame is impossible. You have to get a Frame from a merchant, an enemy in power armor, or find one of the broken ones placed in the world and fix it. If you are smart enough, you may even be able to build your own frame at a workbench.
  • When you get out of a Frame, it remains standing in the world where you left it. You are unable to carry it in your inventory.
  • Even without armor, getting into a Frame makes you stronger.
  • Built-in Power Armor Scaling.
  • Fully compatible with Powered Power Armor.
  • Weak characters shouldn't be able to even hold a Minigun - big guns are now impossible to use without Power Armor if you don't fit their Strength requirement. (Full Version Only)
  • Remote-controlled hands of Power Armor Frames are too clumsy for delicate movements - you can't use terminals, pick locks or use crafting stations in Power Armor. (Full Version Only)
  • Movement in power armor makes hydraulic sounds for that added walking tank feel.


  • Hold the Activate key to get out of a Power Armor Frame (just like in Fallout 4).
  • Save before getting out of a frame - the game might crash (although this happens very rarely and randomly - if it crashes, just load a save and try again).
  • Use NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash. It improves stability of the game with this mod a lot.

  • NVSE 5.0.2
  • JIP NVSE Plugin 32.00 +
  • Lutana's NVSE Plugin 17.1 +



  • Actor effects on power armor are now much more stable.
  • Added sound to movement in power armor, based on P.A.M.S. for Fallout 4 (credit: ONIXer for the sound and permission to use it).
  • Added sound to falling in power armor, also based on P.A.M.S.
  • NPCs in power armor now visibly wear frames.
  • Frames no longer have hoods
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed an oversight that made the mod incompatible with "alternate power armor training" mods.
  • Turns out running animations look ugly only with New Vegas - Re-Animated installed, so the restriction on running was removed from the Full version. Instead, walk speed in power armor was slightly increased for both Full and Lite (run speed is unaffected).


  • Fixed power armor effects remaining after the armor is unequipped. Sorry about that. If your character was affected, try using player.removespell.


Please unequip your power armor frame before updating!

  • Bugfixes: Almost got rid of crashes, and BoS disguises now work. Along with other scripted armors.
  • This mod now requires Lutana's NVSE Plugin.
  • You now gain 25% DR bonus while wearing a Frame, and the Strength bonus from 0.94 now actually works.
  • Built-in scaling, works for NPCs as well as the player. As a result, the mod is now incompatible with Power Armor Scaling.
  • This mod is now compatible with numerous "alternate power armor training" mods that allow wearing power armor without training.
  • Frames now display a better visual sequence when unequipped.
  • Added a PPA patch that makes Powered Power Armor's Underarmors work better with this mod (these mods are still compatible without the patch, it just makes them work better together).
  • Under-the-hood changes that could, I hope, make porting this mod to FO3 a reality.


Please unequip your power armor frame before updating!

  • Bugfixes: More Dead Money related fixes. Should also affect several TTW quests.
  • The "No Movement Changes" version renamed to "Lite"
  • You now gain 4 additional DT when you equip a frame. However, armor DT bonus has been reduced to 12.5%
  • You can no longer use heavy weapons (like the minigun) without power armor if you don't meet their Strength requirement. This feature is disabled in the lite version.
  • Wearing a frame now increases your Unarmed Damage and Strength.
  • Recipe for crafting power armor frames added.
  • Power armor frames can now drop from enemies in power armor (2% chance).
  • Power armor frames now display female meshes if your character is female and you have a female mesh mod (completely forgot about that :D)

  • 0.93:

    • Bugfixes: you should no longer be able to bring a power armor frame with you into the Sierra Madre. Also, fast travel in power armor is possible again.
    • Aftermath reequipper completed: all armor pieces you had on you when equipping a power armor frame will be equipped again once you get out of the frame (provided you still have them in your inventory).
    • You can now wear any armor or clothing under power armor. 25% of it's DT will be added to the DT of power armor. The armor worn underneath will remain in your inventory, but the DT bonus will fade if it dissapears from your inventory.
    • Fade-to-black effect added when unequipping a power armor frame.


    • Standing power armor frames are now much more stable. Also, unequipping works better now.
    • You can no longer pick locks, use terminals, or craft in power armor (optional "no movement changes" file doesn't have this change)
    • Partial aftermath reequipper added (headband and upper torso slots only, for now)


    • Bugfixes: Power Armor Frames can no longer be bought for 0 caps. Also, BoS disguises now work correctly.
    • Compatibility patch for the T-60 mod included in the main archive
    • Optional file with no changes to movement in power armor now available and included in the main archive
    • You can now wear clothing (DT < 6) under power armor frames. DT stacks, but any other clothing bonuses don't stack.

    • NVSE
    • JIP NVSE Plugin
    • Project Nevada - Core and Project Nevada - Extra Options (for optional patch only)


    Drop the .esp files into your data folder or install with your favorite mod manager.

    Future plans:

    • Find more time to work on this.
    • Become less lazy.
    • Rewrite Powered Power Armor features in a more compatible way, better integrated with this mod.