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A patch to better streamline compatibility between the PN Core module and After War Nevada.

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AWN - PN [Core] Compatibility

Are you playing AWN and longing for the added functionality that the PN Core Module brings to the table?Things such as grenade hotkey, visors, and optional inventory sorting? Well, the good news is that these two mods are 95% compatible with one another out of the box and this patch aims to jostle them together for that last 5%.

What's been done?
  • Inventory Sorting now handled by PN's Optional sorter. Lots of de-edited names.
  • PN Sprint & Bullet-time duplicate features disabled. Handled via AWN.
  • PN Enhanced Vision defaults to off, can be re-enabled if you so wish (B Default Hotkey).
  • All appropriate helmets from DLC and AWN added to PN Nightvision functionality.
  • PN Digital Zoom added to AWN Wattz & Gauss Rifles.
  • Grenade Hotkey expanded upon for new AWN grenades and throwable weapons.
  • T3T's custom DLC grenade icons now included. (v1.1)

Question: Why just Core? Why not Equipment, Rebalance, and Cyberware?
  • Answer: AWN already includes and covers much of what the PN Equipment, Rebalance, and Cyberware modules bring to the table. Installing these on top of AWN is arguably pointless and, at best, a redundant mess.
Question: I can't seem to get grenade hotkey to work?!
  • Answer: Nothing to do with this patch; grenade hotkey can be buggy to get working if you're plopping it down in the middle of a pre-existing savegame. Try uninstalling everything that modifies UI files (MCM, oHUD, Director's Chair, Project Nevada, etc) and then making a clean save. Subsequently install in the following order: PN-> MCM -> oHUD -> Director's Chair. Also, use UIO.