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This mod rewrites all notes, terminal entries, and names in Chucksteel's NVInteriors to be grammatically correct, as well as more coherent and sensible, while also attempting to further enchance the extra content Chucksteel has added by making it consistent with already existing lore.

Permissions and credits

Chucksteel's NVInteriors Project is a fantastic addition to the Fallout: New Vegas experience, but is sadly hindered by its often lackluster writing (due to the author's dyslexia). I've fixed that. This mod rewrites all the notes, terminal entries, and names in NVInteriors, making them grammatically correct, coherent and overall much more sensible. It also attempts to enhance the experience by fleshing out some of the characters, and making sure it is consistent with already existing fallout lore. With this mod, my goal was to improve upon the written content in Chucksteel's mod to the extent that it would be difficult to differentiate between it and the content included in the vanilla game.

  • Over 60 rewritten notes and terminal entries, providing a richer and (now) seamless addition to the fantastic interiors added.
  • Consistent use of grammar in all names and entries, so as to fit perfectly in with vanilla content.
  • A lore friendly approach to everything from company names (there's a tiny Fallout 3 reference in there somewhere) to areas (it did seem kinda weird for the NCR to have their headquarters in a town they blew up, right?) and pre-war descriptions (yes there were lasers on top of the Lucky 38, I swear).
  • Different people have different personalities. Some notes made more humorous, some more somber.
  • Full compatibility with RichWizard's NV Interiors Project Addon. In fact, I've carried over all of his corrections to my mod. It is however, not required. 100% Your choice
  • NEW IN 1.2: Now comes with an optional esm replacer version that saves you a plugin slot. Sadly it's not compatible with any mods that change things added by NVInteriors, as they will overwrite my changes.
  • NEW IN 1.3: Now comes with a modified version of Interior Lighting Overhaul's NVInteriors patch, so you don't have to chose between my improvements or ILO's.


Drop the .esp file into your Data folder or install with your favorite mod manager. Just make sure to sort it behind any NVInteriors files, including the addon if you're using that.

If you use the optional .esm replacer, make sure to overwrite Chucksteel's mod, or sort my mod after NVInteriors in Mod Organizer's left pane if you use that.

All credits for the original interiors belong to Chucksteel for his NVInteriors mod, and this has been uploaded with his express permission. All the notes and terminal entries, as well as several corrections of to the original mod's item and cell names have been made by me, but I do not have the right to pass on the permission to edit said content and/or upload it elsewhere for public use. I encourage you to ask Chucksteel if you have any interest in editing his content, if he has given his approval, consider mine granted as well.

Author's Note:
I hold the content of this mod to be of a considerable improvement to the original written content in NVInteriors. However, English is not my first language and I am not without error. Therefore any criticism, error reporting, or suggestions regarding written content is both welcomed and encouraged.