Fallout New Vegas
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512x retexture of the wonderglue, for a dash of color.

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Thanks for the hot files guys, you rock!

Hello, everybody! Welcome to my latest little retexture - the Wonderglue! Also available for Fallout 3!

A new 512x512 texture for the wonderglue, based on the original Casco glue but slightly edited so the label would mention wonderglue. Custom normal map included.

Not much more to say about this one, really. All I wanted was a colorful texture of glue with some horses on the label because I have a terrible sense of humor, and worked from there. I'm happy enough with the results, so I figured I'd share.

I know this may not be lore-friendly or whatever. I don't care. As usual, download it or don't, I really don't mind.

To install, extract the contents of the folder to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data" folder. That's it, no esp required. Or you can use your mod manager of choice to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go.

I know the screenshots aren't very good because my computer isn't the best, so feel free to upload your own. Have fun!