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A bunch of modules that will add enemies around the Mojave Desert.

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More Enemies V1

What is this?
A: If the title didn't give it away, it adds more enemies to your wasteland (go figure!). Just in case you aren't satisfied
with those lightweight vanilla spawn points which i'm sure we all know like the back of our hands by now. So my aim
is to add more stuff to kill... I always found there was too much space between the talking... for such a dangerous place
the Mojave is quite calm and friendly in all honesty, so I will add modules which you can download (each has it's own difficulty)
some will give you a nice tactical fun time, some will give you countless foes to mow down, other might have harder enemies
that will f*ck you in the a$$ until you begin to enjoy it.

Current Modules:
Primm Module: The primm module, the first and easiest as of now, adds a sh*t tonne of enemies into the Exterior of Bison Steve
and Vikki and Vance, because who can take over a town with just a lame force of 5 people?? be careful how you tackle this situation
because once the danger hits you will be stormed by Convicts, while they all have relatively poor weapons, armour and health, their
sheer numbers counters this. Suggestion: Bring a small strike squad. If you go in loud, bring explosives and mines, fortify the bridge
and watch them run into the mines. Or if you're some weird ass super power wasteland dude... just go in HAM and do your thing. and
bring a spare ammo clip, or 10.  (works best when you start the game, P.S I lied it doesn't work at all unless you start a new game)

Enemy Difficulty: Easy
Enemy Reinforcements: High
Tactical Requirement: Low
Threat Level: 1

(reinforcements = enemy numbers)
(Threat level refers to overall affect on the wasteland) (1 being low and 5 being extreme change)

Goodsprings Passage: This module includes an area outside of goodsprings where rouge mercenaries have holed up in the pass
by Goodsprings, after an assault on an NCR squad passing through the pass, the NCR has sent in a retaliation squad, however after
the response squad met ammo piercing gun fire the NCR got scared and ordered their men to stand down and guard the entrance in 
a choke hold until the figure out how to drown them out. So far the NCR has proven that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt
in hopes of rallying support and precious votes for president Kimball's campaign. The settlers have claimed that the NCR as usual isn't
getting shit done, so a little outside help would be appreciated. Adds enemies of medium difficulty near a new map marker
(goodsprings pass). NCR Intel says that the hostile have armour piercing rounds so the Power armour unit cannot engage, Intel
suggests that the militants can't stay there forever. The current force has been ordered to stay put. Goodsprings residents think this is 
a ploy that the NCR is using to gain the favour of the residents.

Enemy Difficulty: Medium
Enemy Reinforcements: Low
Threat level: 1.5


Nipton Highway Stop: NCR patrols have advertised that drug activity in the Primm/Niption Area has 
increased following the NCRCF breakout. Caution is advised. (High level enemies can be dangerous to lower
level characters) Some nice loot for lower levels. Raiders/scavengers/merchants will benefit the most in a
practical manner. Or you could sell the reward.

Enemy Difficulty: Easy-Hard (level dependant)
Enemy Reinforcements: Medium
Threat level: 0.5
Tactical Requirement: 0