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Updated: 13/02/2017 - 05:29AM

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Last updated at 5:29, 13 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 19:47, 22 Nov 2015

Sept 17 2017: Just a note to say I'm still working on this. There's been a lot more done so far, it's just not ready for a new full release here yet.


Full Release of v4 is here!

Please note: Some players have conflicts between Fallout Who Vegas and Nevada Skies. I suggest not running Nevada Skies with FWV or my addons.

2017-02-11: New update downloads in Files.
Teddy Bear texture fix and ESP fix for Old Companion re-recruitment.

2017-02-13: Revised Update for Companion re-recruitment fix, corrected Unique Companion re-recruit issue I caused in the previous Update. My bad.

Lots of new additions and fixes, including improvements to companions, more Invading races and their strongholds, and an optional addon with a FWV companion revised and rebuilt!

IMPORTANT: From now on, Atomic Shredders require a schematic. It's a glowing blue disc in the Workshop.

Requires v.2.4 Stable of Fallout Who Vegas.
Highly suggested download: Spyduck's FWV Regeneration Deuglifier.
My mod includes a Compatibility Patch ESP.

Development is now on vacation for awhile, will return in 2017.
I'll check the Nexus and help with any bugs in the meantime, however. New development is just on hold for a few months.
Progress is tracked on
the Fallout Who Vegas forums!

Remove all previous Xoanon ESPs and replace with this release.
NOTE: There are multiple ESPs, not all are required. Check the ReadMe!

This mod includes bug fixes and aesthetic fixes to Fallout Who Vegas 2.4 Final (Stable), as well as restoration of cut content, new content, new areas, and new Who-niverse related items. See README for complete details.

Files and IMPORTANT load order notes:
    * fwv.esm - use the version supplied by this mod, overwrite the existing FWV.esm.
    * fwvXoanon.esm - NEW, required addon. Load AFTER fwv.esm but before any ESPs.
    - fwv.esp is required next, get the FWV final release for this file.
    - If you are using Spyduck's Regeneration Deuglifier, load it next
    * fwvXoanon.esp - Main required addon ESP. Load AFTER fwv.ESP, which itself must be after fwv.esm and fwvXoanon.esm.

The following are OPTIONAL addons:
    * fwvXoanonDeuglifierCompat.esp - ONLY IF USING DEUGLIFIER! makes Xoanon addon compatible with Regen Deuglifier (A highly suggested download!)
    * fwvXoanonNoSPECIALRandomizeOnRegen.esp - disables SPECIAL randomization on player during Timelord Regeneration. Optional.
    * fwvXoanon_PersPref.esp - optional 'personal preference' changes ESP, details below
    * fwvXoanon_QuestSounds.esp - optional DW sounds for quest/location popup messages
    * fwvXoanonENBfix03.esp - if you are running ENB and FWV, you may get lighting errors in the TARDIS console room. Load this file fix this. fix03 replaces previous verions.
    * fwvXoanonGamePadProtocols - If you are playing with a gamepad instead of mouse/keyboard, include this addon in your load order so that you can get around the issue with 'holding' a button when using a TARDIS protocol. You won't have to 'hold' buttons, just 'mash' them. There is also a special TARDIS key for Gamepad players in the Workshop toolbox, to allow Gamepad players to lock the TARDIS door since they can't "hold" buttons. Equip this key item and 'activate' the TARDIS door instead.
    * fwvXoanonGamepadWeaponMenu.esp - An attempt to allow Gameplad players to use the 'change weapon mode' function that kybrd/mouse players use the 'change ammo' button for. Since that button doesn't work to change modes if you're playing with an Xbox Controller, you can use this. Then choose "aim weapon" to change modes. Isn't perfect, so don't use VATS. Weapon menu may trigger repeatedly. Only a stopgap at best. This mod is best played with a mouse/keyboard.
    * fwvXoanonLaserScrewdriverEdits.esp - By request, changes the Laser Screwdriver to instakill but not disintegrate enemies. Optional.
    * fwvXoanonOutfitBonuses - Optional. Adds bonuses and penalties to timelord incarnation outfits based on that incarnation's personality and history.
    * fwvXoanonRevisedCompanions.esp - NEW. Companion AI improvements, and replaces human/new-sytle Cyberman sidekick with a redilaogued and recoded old-style Cyberman sidekick with special new weapons.

v4 Final includes the following improvements upon v3:

- Fixes and improvements to TARDIS emergency recall via Sonic Screwdriver (basic mode only), TARDIS Emergency Recall device, or Stattenheim Remote.
- Stattenheim remote craftable now; requires very high repair/science (100).
- "Bad Wolf" graffiti
- Vortex Manipulator item now available by mini-quest (unlocked from a note in the TARDIS).
- Crafting a Vortex Manipulator gives a guide note for player info.
- Personal Preferences optional addon now includes "set dressing" extra items/clutter to some console rooms
- Revised regeneration sickness prevention/cure in Zero Room to fix occsaional bugs.
- Revised "deuglifier compatibility patch" for better function.
- Fixed potential minor bug with "flask of tea" curing regeneration sickness.
- Counter related to regeneration due to 'old age' now properly resets upon standard regenerations.
- Removed weapon mods left over on FWV weapons built off modifiable FNV weapons
- Revised Cybermen on Moon surface to be nearly silent due to lack of atmosphere.
- Moon easter egg.
- SS Cirius crew quarters unlocked after completion of related quest.
- Auton and Silurian NPC revisions for combat weapon preferences and skills.
- Anti-Cybergun revisions for texture clarity and iron sights, tuned damage for non-cyber targets
- Revised explosions upon Dalek kills. Less force/damage to player, modified art/sound. (Thanks to Spyduck for revised art)
- Revised Dalek Chainsword and Bat Of Omega to be effective close-quarters anti-Dalek weapons. Chainsword causes stagger and bleed damage to Daleks.
- Anti-Dalek/Robot/Cybermen powers of Dalek Tommygun moved from PersPref mod to main addon.
- Meson Blaster pacification no longer works on androids/robots/cybernetic/non-organic enemies.
- Janis Spear paralysis no longer works on androids/robots/cybernetic/non-organic enemies.
- K9 Stun weapon no longer works on androids/robots/cybernetic/non-organic enemies.
- Janis Spear schematic moved to alternate location in TARDIS.
- Quest for recruiting Silurian companion.
- Miniquest upon first encounter of Silurians in Mojave.
- Miniquest upon first visit to Silurian Stronghold after completion of Silurian History miniquest.
- Silurian Stronghold added.
- Removed ability to accidentailly destroy TARDIS console controls.
- Re-navmeshed Dalek Saucer, added new red warning light, added new NPCs, new containers, new optional activator in command center.
- Auton Spheres light changes, are now destructible.
- Regeneration should now always result in "adult" not "aged" or "old" face.
- Lore addition to Encyclopedia Gallifreya.
- Moon quest accepts New Vegas Spacesuit as well as FWV space suit for protection/breathing.
- Moon weather/lighting brightened slightly.
- Fixed "Cowardly Daleks" spawning on Skaro.
- Revision to Auton mystery quest to prevent quest breaking by killing Auton early. Also allows for destruction as well as hacking or activation to stop transmitter. Auton is now a miniboss; hint message provided.
- Sonic "scan lifesigns" shows Red for all dead NPCs regardless of NPC health (as some NPCs are killed by script rather than health set to zero).
- Added Fault Locator panels to all TARDIS consoles in base mod.
- Added Refuel and Repair activators to Rani console.
- Rewritten quest plot branching and Lore, including extra map area, for Motel LA. New phonecall sound for quest on TARDIS communicator. NOTE: Angels in this quest will have a different ability against humans vs Timelords.
- Anti-Silurian/anti-lizard Weapon added. Multiple modes unlockable from play progress and quests.
- Icon assignment fixes for many FWV items based on FWV mod icons
- Companion outfits do not have icons of their own. They were mostly just 1st Doc icon or a generic outfit. Now they have the inventory icon of the Doctor they were most associated with. (The Master's outfit is Third Doc, since that outfit was Roger Delgado.)
- Recipe Category fixes
- Added scorpion poison glands (both types) to Lab Acids lists
- TARDIS Emergency Remote item will no longer be used/removed if the TARDIS recall attempt fails due to built-in conditions (location, swimming, TARDIS has been recalled recently)
- Added Searchlight Outskirts landing location for a quest
- Added Arton Banks control, Auto-Repair control, and Manual Repair panel to Rani console room.
- Companion AI package for "Follow" has been modified in an attempt to prevent Companions (including K9) randomly running off upon exiting TARDIS.
- Invasions now randomize between four races/enemy types. Each race has their own Stronghold!
- Dalek Jammer has lower ammo use, causes temporary frenzy, and causes damage over time to Dalek.
- New cybermen types (slightly modified colors/textures)
- REVISED FWV.ESM for NavMeshes
- Navmesh fixes on Skaro, Moon
- Revised Skaro fog distance for clarity
- Enemies in Trenzalore catacombs
- Recreated Moon, Trenzalore, Skaro LOD files
- Revisions to "Hidden Location" map for multiple enemy types/areas
- Fix to Cyberman skin impacts when attacked
- Revisions to Cyber Fleet Station Zero map for aesthetics, lighting
- Fixes to many Cyber computer system models, including new animations.
- Navhmesh fixes on Cyber Fleet Station Zero
- Cyber Stronghold built and playable. Includes loot, captives, exit strategy, and special one-time NPC mini-quest.
- Pip-Boy map for Telos added.
- Fix to Hacking function on Laser Screwdriver (also promoted to Laser Screwdriver Optional Changes addon)
- Cyber-companion Kroton fixed, now talks and replies, can be used properly (both Human and Cyber form)
- Added checks to Recruit Companion dialogues to make sure player cannot recruit more than allowed 3 FWV companions (not counting K9)
- New optional addon for retro-type Cyberman companion Kroton. Includes revised dialogue, requests, story/lore, weapons, etc.
- Addon also overhauls Companion combat style selection functions and Combat Styles.
- Addon also adds checks to try to force companions to re-follow after combat ends.
- Addon also adds special 'on combat end' limb restoration to Gecko and Kroton.
- Addon also adds checks to force proper combat styles upon map area load.
- Addon also adds revision to Companion AI to try to prevent Companions running away after landing at a requested site.
- Since Timelords are poisoned by Stimpaks, using stimpaks to repair limbs is damaging (which then requires Ginger Beer). Players can now craft Doctor's Bags with Stimpaks, Ginger Beer, and a Healing Crystal.
- Model/animation revision to Toyota TARDIS Locking down Lever, usability fix to Toyota Blue Stabilisers.
- New sounds for Dalek Saucer firing.
- Detective Quest ending revision.
- Additional FWV Load Screen texts.
- Master's hypercube is now Red.
- Panda Bear toy!
- GamePadWeaponMenu ESP allows players on Xbox Controller to use "Aim/IronSights" button when not in combat to pull up Sonic Screwdriver/Laser Screwdriver/Other FWV weapons special menus. Calls to the 'change ammo' button on the Xbox Controller do not work with 'getcontrolpressed' function from GECK scripts. Functionality is imperfect, menu may display repeatedly when leaving ironsigh animation, may still trigger if aiming when in combat, and VATS is not recommended with TARDIS weapons. But it at least allows menu access for Gamepad players.
- Revised models and scripts for TARDIS fade in and fade out/materialization and dematerialization. Demat/Remat sounds fit with flight sounds set for Console choice.
- Minor graphic improvements to Biocontainers.
- Biocontainers can now be used on regeneration both at first regen warning and later if regeneration staved off.
- Fix to Kroton dialogue for skill/disposition check.
- Disabled unused Goodsprings 'creepy tent'.
- Pip Boy map for the Moon.
- Script fix to try to prevent false-floor issues when enabling TARDIS rooms.
- Revised AI for certain Silurians in Stronghold.
- Minor revision to Position Refs to hopefully diminish Companions dying accidentally in the TARDIS.
- Lowered amount of Shake in Toyota console room during flight with Autopilot off.
- A number of new Doctor outfits in different colors and styles. As players may have already obtained Hypercubes for each Doctor by this time, new outfits are in suitcases in four locations in TARDIS (Bedroom, Wardrobe, Observatory, Architecture Tree room), but can only be opened if player has enough Hypercubes for that incarnation.
- Revised Auton sphere, idle, and attack sounds. Attack sounds are now specific to Auton type.  
- Improvement to Gecko 'regret' speech timing.
- More stock FNV outfits (and F3 leftovers still in files) added to Tardis Wardrobe Randomizer.
- Rescripted Wardrobe Randomizer to not skip first item in list.
- 1968, 1972, 1974, and 1979 Sonic Screwdrivers have new sounds (future work - attempt to get era-specific sounds for each Sonic).
- Fix to a TARDIS hallway piece that was often disabled by mistake, leaving a blank empty area in space.
- Fix to two TARDIS hallway teleports that caused 'flipping' corners and reverse location. This should fix all TARDIS teleporting hallways now.
- Rebalanced Auton weapon.
- Revised TARDIS dematerialization/rematerialization models and scripts to use same model as currently selected exterior.
- Fix to Mercury Pool script, calculates properly against Luck now.
- Multiple fixes to Regeneration due to old age.
- Graphical fixes to Moon flag, Storage room.
- Companion code fixes so the death of a Companion will not unintentionally 'fire' other FWV companions.
- Restored function allowing damage to Fluid Links, and explosion of Fluid Links. To prevent player being stuck in an unfixable situation, Fluid Links are safe from damage unless a specific travel location has been unlocked where the player is able to obtain crafting materials for replacement Fluid Links.
- Space Suits can now be used as protection against mercury vapour leak during Broken Fluid Links event. Player is warned of this fact if Fluid Links are destroyed.
- Event Status Reader added to TARDIS console screen. If TARDIS is in a valid event state (Space Loop, Core Overload, Fluid Link Leak, Dimensional Collapse, State of Death), Event Reader can be used to see the event description and solution.
- Space Loop event fixed to properly dematerialize TARDIS after Protocol run.
- TARDIS will auto-lock after Repair or Refuel protocol if Security subsystem is on and player has either TARDIS Key or TARDIS Key for Gamepad Players. Does not lock after TARDIS Reset because TARDIS goes to Basic Mode.
- Previously non-functional screens/panels in Classic and Edwardian consoles now given functions.
- Fixes to weather in Greystone Hall map.
- Rotating Toyota Console Screens.
- Distance View Level of Detail fixes for Telos.
- Revisions to Power calculations in TARDIS to correct Power Use math for Advanced Mode Subsystems.
- Additional Custom Load Screens.
- Additional quest steps added to Spiridon quest. Revisions to Spiridon creatures.
- Fixes to TARDIS Navmesh in the hopes of preventing accidental death of Companions within the TARDIS.
- Restored Dimensional Collapse Event. Now coded so that player will be forcibly returned to a randomly selected Mojave location to ensure player is not stranded at a location where Workbench (needed for repairing TARDIS component to fix Dimensional Collapse) is unavailable.
- Causal Rifts added to Event Reader.
- Revision to Causal Rifts. Player can now turn on Stabilizers while a rift occurs and successfully close rift/remove enemy NPCs, resetting Events to 0 successfully.
- Player can now use (Space Suit and Space Helmet) or (FWV Space Suit and Space Helmet) or Rebreather or FWV Oxygen Mask items to prevent health damage if Life Support is off. Modified health damage rate.
- Atomic Shredder crafting now requires a 'note' (not schematic) easily found in TARDIS workbench room. This prevents user from crafting Shredders before finding the TARDIS.
- Player can now only craft Shredders if they have fewer than 4 already in their inventory.
- Fix to Moon heartbeat audio for No Spacesuit condition. Heartbeat added to TARDIS 02 failure condition.
- Optional extra ESP that prevents player SPECIAL stats from being randomized when player Regenerates into new body.
- Companions can now be told to return to the TARDIS (if they have ever been there), can be given keys or told to wait at door. (Dialogue existed but was bugged).
- TARDIS can no longer be put in flight during Space Loop or Dimensional Collapse.
- Patch message at beginning of mod hidden, but patch still run. This mod required 2.4 Final, so it's unlikely there are previous version players now.
- Revision to TARDIS Ambient sounds for different console rooms. Vault ambience removed.
- Companion requests to go to TARDIS rooms now increase specific companion skills for different rooms.
- Companion room visits time out after a few minutes, and Companions return to the TARDIS console room.
- New 'Companion Diary' in TARDIS bedroom allow player to disable Companion Recruitment dialogue function. (Does not impact unique FWV companions or FNV followers).
- Revisions to Companion Recruitment dialogue to disable FWV Companion request greeting if function is turned off OR if player has 3 companions already.
- Rebuilt recruitable companions list as a smaller list of NPCs. Removed NPCs that may conflict with dialogue or functions (merchants, doctors, quest dialogue NPCs)
- "Call Companions to Console Room" function added to TARDIS menu. Any current companions inside TARDIS will be warped to Console Room.
- Galactic Coordinates display when travelling between X/Y zones.
- Error with flying to Galactic Coordinates at X/Y 1 or 10 fixed. This may fix the "Infinite Flight glitch".
- Revisions to Encounters functions (space combat and anomalies). Plioting skill now gives bonus to attack and defense. Revised space combat rewards.
- New Time Lady #2 cube item and new Time Lady #1 cube rewards.
- Revised Throttle math for normal and galactic flight both. Times per trip/sector are now 90, 45, or 22.5 seconds depending on throttle low/med/high. If player turns off Autopilot, times are 80, 40, and 20.
- Fixed broken/unbeatable Angels in Mojave locations.
- Expanded Proteins list for TARDIS lab.
- Auton Stronghold completed. This rounds out the 4-alien-race Invasions!
- Added music to FWV Strongholds and numerous quest maps.
- Changed surface/footstep sounds in TARDIS rooms so that not everything is metal clanking (Garden is now dirt, for example)
- Disabled entry hatch to an area for an as-of-yet incomplete Auton quest.
- Greatly expanded the plants that can be grown in the Garden, including plants not normally pickable in Fallout New Vegas (Mutfruit, for example).
- Also added new item "celery", with radiation healing for Timelords.
- New Sonic default sound for Sonics that do not yet have their own sound. (Thank you Dracony Windfall!)