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About this mod

Item Browser is an UI interface which allows you to get any item of following type from any plugin loaded, spawn any creature and NPCs and more.

Permissions and credits
File has been updated to work with JIP LN NVSE Plugin and will not work with old Lutana plugin.

What's new?

- Ammo for  can now be seen the the bottom of the screen when you browse weapons;
- Fixed various bugs.

MCM menu ------------------------------
JIP LN NVSE Plugin (>V40) -------------------
NVSE (> V5.0b1) ------------------------

List of items it can browse:

- Weapons;
- Ammo;
- Weapon mods;
- Armors (clothes);
- Ingestibles;
- Misc items;
- Creatures (spawn);
- NPCs (to spawn);
- Messages (to show);
- Perks (to add\remove to\from player);
- Quests (start, stop, manage stages);
- Factions ( to add\remove  to\from player);
- Cells (to teleport to them);
- Books.

Additional Features

- Player managemen menu (set PC's values and add XP)
- Console commands (TCL, TFC,ToggleInterface,ShowRaceMenu, ShowNameMenu (Change name), ShowBarberMenu, ShowPlasticSurgerymenu)
- NPC Scanner (Scan all NPC in the cell)

Keyboard control
You can use keyboard to better control the menu

Press "Right mouse" to reset menu.
Press "E" to bring up vanilla container menu when browsing items.
Press "Up arrow", "Down arrow" to navigate through the menus
Press "Left arrow", "Right arrow" to navigate through dimensions (when amount of items is more than 360 and 10 submenus aren't enough)

All keys are changeable via console:


Keys are here:

For instance - if you want to change "reset button" to MiddleMouseWheel type:
set ItemBrowserKeyReset to 258

Remember - spawn NPC and creatures, scripted items with caution.