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A collection of original (I think) and remixed perks and challenges. Get rewarded for turning enemies into fine red mist. Make enemies go crazy. Move faster. Be the best Shady Sands Shuffler ever, and more!

Permissions and credits
DW's Perks

Just some extra perks I made for the lulz.

::: Install Instructions :::

1)Unzip the mod to your Fallout New Vegas/Data directory.
1a) Install New Vegas Script Extender if you don't already have it; DWPerks can function without it, but not well.
2)Use Wrye Flash, NMM, or the Fallout launcher of your choice to enable DaWreckaPerksNV.esp
2b) If using Wrye Flash, rebuild your Bashed Patch, selecting all of the desired optional plugins under the Merge Patches heading. Otherwise, simply enable the desired optional modules.
NOTE: This mod is fully-designed to be used in conjunction with Wrye Flash. While it may be used without, enabling the supplementary content will require up to 11 separate entries in your load order, and the stability of FNV is highly load-dependent, even moreso than Fallout 3; Use of Wrye Flash is thus HIGHLY recommended!

::: New to 1.3 :::

Version 1.3 introduces the Subdermal Detonator; available to Mad Bombers, this provides a remote detonator that can never be disarmed, as it becomes a part of the body. Gaining this useful ability requires first that the Lone Courier acquires a handheld detonator. This detonator may be stripped down to its essential components and turned into a Subdermal Detonator Kit at the workbench. Once the kit has been acquired, installing it in the body requires an Autodoc. Most of the Autodocs of the Mojave Wasteland are either limited or damaged, however... only the Autodoc of Big MT's Sink will suffice.
Apologies to TTW users and those who just don't like OWB, but I couldn't think of any other way to implement this that made sense and at the same time didn't require unvoiced dialogue. I'm open to suggestions though.

Also debuting in version 1.3 is the Tag Unique Weapons option; when enabled via MCM, this option will add a tag to the names of unique weapons, sorting them to the top of inventory lists and allowing them to be more-easily identified.
This subsystem requires that unique weapons be present on the Curios and Relics GRA list or, if enabled, the Tale of Two Wastelands Oddities and Artifacts list. A weapon which is not present on one of these lists will not be recognised as unique, either by the tagging system or by the Uniquely Able perk. Unfortunately, there really is no way to populate this list reliably during runtime.

::: New to 1.2 :::

First and foremost is Mod Configuration Menu support. If MCM is enabled, the following options are enabled:
  • Wired Vision hotkey
  • Subdermal Detonator hotkey
  • Remove DW Perks; Use this when planning to uninstall/reinstall the mod.
  • Add DW Perks; could be cheating. Provided to help with restoring after a full uninstall/reinstall. Checks whether the player meets the requirements for the new perks, and gives them to the player if they do. However, the script has no way of knowing whether you actually spent perk slots on the perks to begin with.

::: Removal/Upgrade Instructions :::

Note that if upgrading, this process may not be strictly required. However, in the event that you are upgrading major versions, you may prefer to err on the side of caution and use this process anyway. Bear in mind that you will lose any progress towards challenge perks, as well as the perks themselves, in this process!

I've had some personal success disabling mods which added perks without removing the perks and without experiencing CTDs, but I recommend erring on the side of caution and using this process anyway if you are uninstalling entirely.

1) Remove the perks. If you have MCM enabled, this can be done from the Da Wrecka Perks MCM entry.
Otherwise, A script is included to facilitate this.
Enter the following console command:
setStage xx0358B5 20
where xx is the mod load index of DaWreckaPerksNV.esp. Sadly, NVSE doesn't have the feature of FOSE where you can use the quest's ID in the console, so even if you have NVSE installed you'll still need to use the hexadecimal form
ID. Lame.
2) Save the game and quit.
3) Use NMM/etc. to disable the ESP.
4) Optional: Delete said ESP.
5) Rerun the game, load your game, (ignoring the box that comes up warning you about unavailable content) and finally save the game again and close it.
6) Reinstall the mod if desired.
7) Optional: You can re-add the perks, either from the MCM menu, or using a quest set up for that purpose.
The command for this is:
setStage xx0358B5 10

Note that either option will verify that the player meets the prerequisites for the perk in question before adding it to the player! Example: Unless the player is level 18 or higher, and has a Medicine skill of 60 or greater,
this command will not add the Toxicologist perk.

::: Overview :::

DWPerks has quite a lot of perks. Some are as original as can be, (this author finds it unlikely that nobody else will have had the same ideas before, but is unaware of any other mod that has perks like this) some are revisions to existing perks, and some are ports from other Fallout games, though not necessarily identical to their counterparts. As an aside, one of my goals with this set of perks was to make SPECIAL mean something, instead of being largely-irrelevant. Thus a lot of the perks are affected by SPECIAL, key examples being Marathon Man and Marathon Woman, whose effect is greatly-dependent upon the player's AGL, and Strong Back, which is now dependent upon both STR and END to determine the magnitude of the effect.

::: Original Content :::

1) Toxicologist
Prerequisites: Level 18, Medicine 60
With the Toxicologist perk, the ability to craft new and exotic toxins becomes available to you at a campfire. (at a chemistry set when using the NVEC addon) Sedatives and a potent psychotic-inducer can be crafted. Better yet, you gain the ability to use certain junk items to craft a Dart Gun, and darts that can be used to administer these toxins and more from afar. PCP darts are best used from stealth, so as to minimise the possibility that the target will see you before his former allies in his psychotic rage! The dart gun can also be made to fire darts treated with any other toxin available in the Mojave. (or beyond, if optional plugins are enabled)

2) Robotics Guru
Prerequisites: Level 20, Science 80, Robotics Expert
With the Robotics Guru perk, when you sneak up on a hostile robot undetected, in addition to deactivating it, you can override the robot's IFF, making it hostile to enemies and, hopefully, friendly to you. Additionally, you can craft Scrambler Grenades and Mines at a workbench; these munitions use modified pulse grenades/mines to scramble a robot's IFF, allowing it to be frenzied from a safe distance. As an additional benefit, you gain the ability to craft Scrambler shells, 12-gauge or 20-gauge shells containing scrambler cores, again allowing robots to be frenzied from safe distances - assuming your shotgun blast can't be used to pinpoint your position.

3) Kill It With Fire!
Prerequisites: Level 20, Explosives 80, Pyromaniac
Kill it with fire! You are such a pyromaniac that your practice has made you even more deadly with incendiary weaponry. You gain +5% chance to score a critical hit while using a fire weapon.

5) Marathon Man/Marathon Woman
Prerequisites: Level 12, END 6
Three ranks
With the Marathon Man perk, a male character gains a +1% bonus to movement speed for every point of permanent Agility at the first rank, +2% at the second and +3% at the third, while a female character with the Marathon Woman perk gains the same.
To clarify; A character with a permanent Agility of 5 and one rank of Marathon Man will receive a 5% bonus to his movement speed. If he takes the perk a second time, this bonus will increase to 10%, and a third time will increase it to 15%. If he increased his permanent Agility by 1 somehow, then he'd receive bonuses of 6%, 12%, and 18%, respectively.

6) The Mortar
Prerequisites: None (trait)
You're a methodical bomber, not a mad one. This trait increases the AP cost of throwing weapons by 10% and reduces their attack rate by 20%, but makes them travel 20% further and faster.

7) Crazed Gunman
Prerequisites: Level 40, Guns 100, Luck 8
This is your gun. There are many like it, but... actually no, yours is better. Damage, critical hit chance and critical hit damage are all increased by 40% when using Guns.

8) Energetic
Prerequisites: Level 40, Energy Weapons 100, Luck 8
You're so energetic, even your weapons want to get in on the fun! Damage, critical hit chance and critical hit damage are all increased by 40% when using Energy Weapons.

9) Red Glare (Perk)
Prerequisites: Level 40, Explosives 100, Luck 8
Boom, baby, boom! Your Explosive weapons travel 40% faster, do 40% more damage and have a 40%-greater area of effect.

NOTE: You can only choose one of Crazed Gunman, Energetic, or Red Glare at a time. Choose wisely!
ALSO NOTE: The perk selection menu will erroneously list the other perks as requirements for any of Crazed Gunman, Energetic, or Red Glare - even though the opposite is true.

10) Wired Vision (Fallout 3 custom perk)
Prerequisites: Tale of Two Wastelands; turn Harkness in to Zimmer during The Replicated Man.
Inclusion of my Wired Vision perk for Fallout 3, adds a (modestly) configurable night vision mode accessible by pressing N (configurable) at the expense of Action Points during operation.. The Wired Vision perk itself does not require Tale of Two Wastelands, but without Tale of Two Wastelands there is no way to receive it short of console commands. The hotkey used for nightvision can be configured either using the Mod Configuration Menu, or by using an Aid item added to the player's inventory upon receipt of the perk.

Weapons And Ammo

*) PCP Grenade & PCP Mine
A hilarious pair of explosives, these weapons release a cloud of aerosol drugs which drive all who inhale them to become consumed by psychotic rage. Such subjects gain considerable resistance to pain, and lose the ability to distinguish friend from foe. They do not have any effect on the Courier or his/her companions, thanks to generous doses of counteragent.
*) Dart Gun & Toxin darts
From cobbled-together clutter gathered around the Wasteland, the enterprising toxicologist can craft a small gun capable of silently launching darts which, on impact, will inject any toxin that can be used to anoint a blade - including, when a Toxicologist is involved, the PCP concentrate that can render a man berserk.
*) Scrambler Grenade & Scrambler Mine
EMP weapons are generally indiscriminate, causing harmful overvoltage in all of a robot's system's without regard for its purpose. By modifying these pulse weapons, a Robotics Guru can create weapons capable of creating overvoltage in specific subsystems but not others... for example, the IFF units which robots use to tell friend from foe. There are limitations, however...
*) Scrambler Shells
Like the Scrambler Grenade, Scrambler shells are created by robotics gurus modifying existing EMP weapons - in this case, pulse slugs usable in 12- or 20-gauge shotguns. Unlike the hand grenades and mines, Scrambler shells only have enough power to generate a pulse strong-enough to affect one robot.
*) Hot Pocket*
Some insane expert at explosives once thought to himself "Gee, I do love putting bombs into the pockets of people I hate, but sometimes I can't get out of the blast radius fast-enough. It would sure be swell if I could make charges that could kill a man from the inside of his pocket, without harming me." And thus was born; the Hot Pocket. Crafted from blocks of C4, a Hot Pocket is too small to really do any damage of significance to anything or anyone... unless the charge goes off from within their armour. The damage from the Hot Pocket alone might not be enough to kill a person, but if the explosion itself doesn't prove fatal, shock invariably does. Hot Pockets are set off the same as any other remote explosive; a remote Detonator is required. Only Mad Bombers can craft this explosive.
*) C4 (1/2 and Double)
C4 is a highly-potent explosive, but also remarkably stable, able to be moulded, cut, squeezed and manipulated in a variety of ways with no danger of explosion without a detonator attached. Mad Bombers can take advantage of this stability to split blocks of C4 into smaller blocks, for more-controlled detonations, or combine smaller blocks into larger ones, for greater destructive energy.

* (Thanks go to DukeGod from the unofficially-official Exalted IRC channel for this absolutely beautiful name)

::: Ports :::

1) Silent Death (from Fallout 2)
Prerequisites: Level 18, Sneak 80, Unarmed 80 OR Melee Weapons 80
While undetected and armed with fists, melee or an unarmed weapon, attacking an enemy from behind will inflict double the normal damage, on top of any other damage bonuses. This bonus is only applied if the player meets the relevant skill requirement. (i.e., to receive the bonus for attacking from behind with Unarmed, the player must have an Unarmed skill of 80 or greater)

2) With A Vengeance (from Fallout Tactics, originally-named Die Hard)
Prerequisites: Level 2, Medicine 40, END 6
You don't go down easily. You gain an additional 10% to all resistances when your HP drops below 20%.
NOTE: This perk affects all resistances; This includes Damage Resistance, Electric Resistance, EMP Resistance, Energy Resistance, Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Poison Resistance, and finally Rad Resistance.

3) Rad Tolerance (from Fallout 3 Broken Steel)
Prerequisites: Level 26, END 7
With this perk, you suffer reduced effects from radiation poisoning.
NOTE: This perk downgrades by one level the penalties of any radiation poisoning you may be suffering. There are no penalties for Minor Radiation Poisoning, the effects of Advanced Radiation Poisoning are downgraded to -1 END and no more, and so on. This perk even allows you to survive at up to 1200 rads - although death will come quickly beyond that point.
NOTE: With the DWPerks-TaleOfTwoWastelands module enabled, this perk is disabled and the Broken Steel version of the perk is upgraded to match. If the DWPerks version is selected before the Tale of Two Wastelands DWPerk module is enabled, the chosen perk will be replaced with the Broken Steel version, resulting in no net loss. Disabling the TTW module afterwards will mean the perk slot is lost, however.

4) Uniquely Able (from Fallout Overhaul Kit, for Fallout 3; was not replicated in FOOK NV)
Prerequisites: DWPerks_NVDLC, Level 30, Luck 9
You truly appreciate anything unique: You gain a 50% bonus to damage and critical hit chance when using any of the Mojave Wasteland's unique weapons.
If DWPerks-TaleOfTwoWastelands is enabled, the perk changes as follows:
You truly appreciate anything unique! You gain a 50% bonus to damage and critical hit chance when using unique weapons of the Mojave or Capital Wastelands.

::: Modified Vanilla and DLC perks :::
1) Rad Regeneration

Original Prerequisites: Complete the optional objective when covering the chapter on radiation in The Wasteland Survival Guide.
Changes made: The perk now works at any level of radiation sickness. Additionally, the greater the level of rad poisoning from which you are suffering, the more rapidly limbs regenerate. Unimplemented as-yet is a means to actually acquire the perk in New Vegas without console commands or other cheats... However, users of Littlepip's Fixes or Tale of Two Wastelands should be happy.

2) Sniper
Prerequisites: Unchanged (Level 12, AGL 6, PER 6)
Changes made: Your chance to hit an opponent's head is increased by 50%, versus 25% in the vanilla game.
NOTE: This is a multiplication, not an addition. This means that a to-hit chance which is 20% before perks are applied will become 30% (20 x 150%) and not 70%. (20% + 50%)

3) Action Boy/Action Girl
Prerequisites: Unchanged (Level 16, AGL 6)
Changes made: Action Boy/Action Girl now go up to three ranks each, each rank adding 15 Action Points to your total.

4) Educated
Prerequisites: Unchanged (Level 4, INT 4)
Changes made: The perk no longer provides a flat 2-point bonus to skill points gained on levelup. Instead, the skill points gained on levelup are increased by a value equal to half the player's INT, rounding up. (INT 4 will add 2 points, INT 5 or INT 6 will add 3 points, and so on) Like the unmodified perk, only permanent INT is checked; temporary bonuses from chems and apparel have no effect.

5) Strong Back
Prerequisites: Unchanged (Level 8, STR 5, END 5)
Changes made: The perk no longer provides a flat 50-point bonus to Carry Weight. Instead, the player will gain a 4-point bonus to carry weight for every point of STR and END, granting a bonus ranging from 40 to 80 points.

6) Gunslinger
Prerequisites: Level 6, (unchanged) PER 6.
Changes made: Your chance to hit while using one-handed pistols is increased by 50%, versus 25% in the vanilla game.
NOTE: Like Sniper, this is a multiplication. A base chance of 20% will not become 70% after Gunslinger is applied.

7) Cannibal
Prerequisites: Unchanged (Level 12 only)
Changes made: Feeding on a human corpse reduces your karma by 50, instead of 1.

8) Commando
Prerequisites: Level 8, (unchanged) PER 7
Changes made: Your chance to hit while using two-handed rifles is increased by 50%, versus 25% in the vanilla game. Like Sniper, this is a multiplier.

9) Chem Resistant
Prerequisites: None
This has been changed from a perk to a trait; if taken, chems have 50% of their normal addiction rates, but their duration is reduced by the same proportion.

10) Tag!
Prerequisites unchanged
Not a change to the perk itself, but should nevertheless be mentioned. Tagged skills receive a flat bonus of only 5 points instead of 15; instead, tagged skills gain two points for every one point invested into them. (For example, if the player has 15 points to spend upon levelling up, and spends them all in a tagged skill, that skill will be increased by 30 points.) This benefit is not retroactive; it won't improve skill points invested prior to installing this plugin. In fact, tagged skills WILL drop on first installing this plugin, since the vanilla bonus of 15 points is no longer applied. For this reason, the sooner in a character file this mod is enabled, the better.

11) Voracious Reader (Lonesome Road perk)
Prerequisites: unchanged. DWPerks_NVDLC.esp must be enabled or merged
Players with this perk should appreciate this change. Previously, picking up damaged books would immediately remove them and replace them with blank magazines. The problem here was that if there were a lot of damaged books near one another, the message pool would be spammed to oblivion by dozens upon dozens of essentially the same message, over and over. It was bad enough that if the player picked up ten books in succession, having Voracious Reader could lead to them receiving TWENTY messages telling them the same thing over and over. DaWreckaPerksNV fixes this - with a hammer. Instead the script will check for books only once every five seconds, and removes them all and adds new books as a single operation - resulting in a MAXIMUM of nine messages, (one for removal of each type of destroyed book, one more for adding the magazines) no matter how many books they have.

12) Covert Ops (Fallout 3 DLC02 perk)
Prerequisites: Tale of Two Wastelands, collect all 10 intel briefcases during the Operation Anchorage story.
Rather than providing minor skill bonuses, the perk now increases damage by 5 when sneaking without moving.

::: Challenges :::

) Misanthropist
Prerequisites: Kill 100/200/400 humans
Reward: +6%/+10%/+15% bonus to damage versus humans.
You hate humans so much, you gain a damage bonus when attacking them.
Note that if using modded races, any NPC whose race is not Ghoul is considered to be human. I'm unaware of any way to differentiate between human races and non-human, non-ghoul races. (such as those added by mods)
Technical guff: The Lutana NVSE plugin includes a perk called IsRaceInList which could be useful; unfortunately this causes problems when using either Wrye Flash or FNVEdit, making it undesireable. It would also require non-human, non-ghoul races to be added to the list somehow, making support for mod races awkward.

) My Name Is Williams
Prerequisites: Kill 100/200/400 ghouls or feral ghouls
Reward: +6%/+10%/+15% bonus to damage versus ghouls
Chainsaw arms ain't got nothin' on you. You gain a damage bonus when fighting ghouls, feral or otherwise.

) Novice/Journeyman/Master of the Arsenal
Prerequisites: Do 10k/100k/1m damage with Gun Runner's Arsenal weapons. Requires Gun Runner's Arsenal to be loaded and DWPerks_NVDLC to be enabled.
Reward: Experience
A modification of the GRA challenge Master of the Arsenal; Master of the Arsenal has become Novice of the Arsenal, and two additional ranks have been added. The new Master of the Arsenal is a repeatable challenge; Novice and Journeyman of the Arsenal are not.

) Curios and Relics I, II and III
Prerequisites: Inflict 10k/100k/1m damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons. Requires Gun Runner's Arsenal to be loaded and DWPerks_NVDLC to be enabled.
Likewise a modification of the GRA challenge Curios and Relics, two additional ranks have been added; the first rank is largely unchanged. Curios and Relics III is a repeatable challenge, I and II are not. Rewards experience on completion.

) Oddities and Artifacts I, II and III
Prerequisites: Tale of Two Wastelands, DWPerks+TaleOfTwoWastelands enabled; Inflict 10k/100k/1m damage with unique Capital Wasteland weapons.
Like Curios and Relics, two additional ranks have been added; the first rank is largely unchanged. Oddities and Artifacts III is a repeatable challenge, I and II are not.

) Rule 37
Prerequisites: Inflict 5m points of overkill damage. (Damage over and above a target's maximum Health)
Reward: Experience

) Not So Situational
Prerequisites: Kill enemies from a distance of 100 yards or more using shotguns
Reward: Experience

Note that where applicable, these challenges are split into multiple entries in the Pip-Boy. (There was no other way to have differing intervals) Also, each rank of the challenge tracks its progress separately, and the values in the Pip-Boy will only include the current challenge, not in the preceding challenges. In other words, if you're looking at the Misanthropist (3) challenge and it says you've made zero progress, this means you've killed no humans since unlocking Misanthropist 3. The values given above are for the specific rank of the challenge only. (Misanthropist 1 requires 100 human kills; to reach Misanthropist 2, you must make an additional 200 kills, and so on)

::: Sneaking conversation :::

A final, hidden perk is added by DWPerks. Part of its function is for tracking challenge perks, but it adds an additional function. Specifically, while sneaking, activating a non-hostile NPC (with some exceptions) will give the option to initiate conversation, without having to leave sneak mode. The perk is added automatically, without needing to be manually selected by the player.

::: Optional Files and Effects :::

Ten optional plugins are included. All files are mergeable, and as such while they can be used independently, Wrye Flash NV is highly-recommended.
*) DWPerks_NVDLC.esp: Requires all five of the main New Vegas DLC, or Ultimate Edition: Enables DLC-dependent features, such as the ability to craft Dart Gun darts using Cloud Kiss or Dark Datura.
*) DWPerks-WMX.esp: Requires WeaponModsExpanded.esp and WMX-ModernWeapons.esp. Includes merged patches for the WMX-ModernWeapons plugin, and gives 12- and 20-gauge PCP and Scrambler shells the appearance of the ModernWeapons FRAG-12 explosives.
*) DWPerks+NVEC.esp: Requires NVEC Complete + NVCE.esm. (and by extension, the five main DLCs) Enables balancing to bring things in line with NVEC.
*) DWPerks+FOOK.esp: Requires FOOK New Vegas. Various compatibility patches. Key feature of this plugin is the use of an alternate model for the Dart Gun and its projectiles.
*) DWPerks+FOOK NV DLCs.esp: Enable this if you have FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm enabled. Includes various form list merges.
*) DWPerks+FOOK+NVEC.esp: Merges patches made by both +NVEC.esp and +FOOK.esp.
*) DWPerks+TaleOfTwoWastelands.esp: Requires, naturally, Tale of Two Wastelands. Enables TTW-specific content, such as: extending Uniquely Able's bonus to Capital Wasteland unique weapons; Extending the Oddities and Artifacts challenge;
*) DWPerks+FOOK+TTW.esp |
*) DWPerks+NVEC+FOOK+TTW.esp|-Merges changes shared by the named plugins. Required if using the parent mods, should not be used without.
*) DWPerks+FOOK+TTW+WMX.esp|

The following order should be used:
DWPerks+FOOK NV DLCs.esp

::: DLC Features :::

There are a certain number of features which are enabled by use of the
DWPerks_NVDLC.esp. The list is as follows:
*) Certain recipes require DLC content to work. These are:
**) These recipes are enabled by having the Toxicologist perk.
***) [Dart] Cloud Kiss Weak
***) [Dart] Cloud Kiss Potent
***) [Dart] Cloud Kiss Lethal
***) [Dart] Dark Datura
**) These recipes are enabled by having the Robotics Guru perk
***) 12 Ga. Scrambler
***) 20 Ga. Scrambler
**) These recipes are enabled by having the Mad Bomber perk
***) C4 Half Measure
***) C4 Double Measure
***) Hot Pocket

::: Conflict information :::

No conflicts are known at this time.

::: Known Issues :::

I cannot art. It is for this more than any other reason that the Mad Bomber C4 variants - half, double, and Hot Pocket - all have the exact same world model as the basic C4 included in the game. The likelihood of this ever being fixed is... not good.

::: Contacting the author :::

Drop me a message on Nexus Mods. Skype is available on request, as is email,though only if you have some detailed thoughts to share. I am very protective
of my contact details on account of spam. I do not share my email or Skype

My Nexus profile can be found at

::: Ideas which are not yet implemented, and which may or may not be implemented in the future. :::

  • Shrieker Mines - remote-detonated explosives, craftable by Mad Bombers, which start emitting loud noises a few seconds after being armed. Probably never going to be implemented. Lulz potential: High. Brokenness: Higher.
::: Credits :::

LeoKhenir for the name of the Wasteland Scout perk (not used in this version)
DukeGod for the name of the Hot Pocket