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Basic uniform and a two upgrades.

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Update: v1.1 10/18/15 - Fixed an issue where the armor sometimes clipped into the frame in first person mode.

Mojave Express Courier's Uniform

This mod adds a Mojave Express courier uniform to the game along with two better armored upgrades.

Basic Courier's Uniform
The basic uniform consists of a duster and leather vest and gives a bit more protection than vanilla leather armor.
Light Armor
DT 8
Weight 15
Bonuses: +10 Carry Weight, +1 Charisma, +5 Barter
Value 120
Repaired With: Leather Armor or Courier Uniforms

Courier's Uniform Mk2
The Mk2 version adds a metal caprice, increasing protection at the expense of added weight.
Medium Armor
DT 12
Weight 30
Bonuses: +1 Charisma, +5 Barter
Value 1600
Repaired With: Metal Armor or Courier Uniforms

Courier's Uniform Mk3
The Mk3 adds pre-war light body armor for the best combination of defense and mobility.
Light Armor
DT 16
Weight 15
Bonuses: +10 Carry Weight, +1 Charisma, +5 Barter
Value 4200
Repaired With: Combat Armor or Courier Uniforms

How to obtain uniforms:
You will find one basic uniform in Doc Mitchell's house on the gurney near the patient bed where you start the game. The other two can be purchased from the merchant's who have a nearby ME dropbox: Chet, Johnson Nash, and Cliff Briscoe. The Mk2 uniform will only be for sale after you reach level 7 and the Mk3 after you reach level 14. If they are not available immediately you may need to wait a couple days for the inventory to refresh.
The Cheat File: If you want to get all three uniforms right away without waiting then download the cheat esp under Optional Files and put it in your load order after the main file. It will add a crate behind Victor's shack that contains all three uniforms.

Installation, Uninstallation, Requirements

This mod requires nothing but the basic vanilla game. Install using FOMM/NMM. If you want to do a manual install/uninstall you probably already know how.


If you want to use any parts of this mod or make modifications to it then send me a PM. I'll probably say yes. If I don't respond in four weeks then assume I've died and use whatever you like.


Thanks to Obsidian/Bethesda for creating a great game and the late Black Isle/Interplay for creating a great world. And a big thanks to the Nexus modding community – you taught me everything I know.

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