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Climb your way up through the ranks of the Alliance while enjoying all the new feature the base offers

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: This is my first real mod and I welcome any and all feedback to make it better in anyway possible.

NOTICE: This mod is currently incomplete, while completely functional there are a few features still at work as well as the conclusion to the questline. None of this will hinder your ability to enjoy the main features of the mod, I will continue to work to get it done and I ask that any suggestions for new content be held on too until version 1.0 is released. I will also state that I will have a all DLC version made after 1.0 comes out too.

Take part in several missions as you climb the ranks of the new faction: The Alliance. As you progress you will unlock more and more features that offer many new gameplay elements. This mods main features act as a Faction, Player Home, Armor, Weapons, Companions, and Quests. Play though the questline to unlock more substantial features.

-Questline spanning 10 missions
-Player Housing
-Unique Storage and Displaying with AutoSorting
-New and unique Armor and Weapons unlocked by researching
-Controllable base
-Many other misc features

Fallout New Vegas
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road

Unpack contents into your New Vegas data folder
Replace any old files

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